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The Greatest Snowmen: Our Favorite Frosty Fellows From Shows and Movies

Relax, Hugh Jackman — this is the definitive list of the greatest SNOWMEN. Say hello to some of our favorite frosty fellows!

Daniel Fernandez · 15 days ago

Olaf the Snowman


As we enter the heart of winter, where the chance of snow in the forecast goes from "you wish" to "you wish you could even open the door because holy top hat there's a lotta snow out there," our thoughts naturally turn to snow days! Sipping hot cocoa, watching movie marathons, launching massive snowball fights, and of course, building a snowman! 

There are a few snowmen who not only occupy a special place in pop culture but also in our childhood memories — so let’s give them some love and appreciation!

1. Frosty The Snowman

He’s jolly, he’s happy, and nowadays he’s even got Michael Bublé singing his praises (excellent P.R. move, by the way) — what more could you ask for in a snowman? Coming in hot with a corncob pipe and a button nose, it's our main snowman, Frosty. Probably the most quintessential snowman of all time and a happy go lucky ambassador for snowmen around the (snow)globe, the Frosty we know and love today actually started out as a fictional character concept from the song of the same name in the 1950s! Years later, a Christmas television special about Frosty was aired, later followed by a ton of family-friendly movies featuring the stand-up snowman himself. At this point he’s basically gone down in history. Like his buddy, Rudolph.

2. Jack Frost

If you feel a strange tickling sensation at the end of your nose ... it’s probably this guy, nipping at it. Jack Frost personifies winter — he's the walking (rolling?) equivalent of ice, snow, and freezing cold. In fact, “Jack Frost” is just a variation on the term “Old Man Winter!" You may also be familiar with Jack Frost from the movie of the same name, where he's portrayed by Michael Keaton as a kind and caring father who does his best to remain with his family and give his son guidance and love, even when he's transformed into, well, a snowman. But not just any snowman: Jack Frost, a truly stand-up snowman! 

3. Bumble the Abominable Snowman

bumble the abominable snowman

Rankin / Bass Productions

Imagine being so mean and scary, and such an abominable snowman that the term “Abominable Snowman” was actually created to describe you? Enter Bumble, the famous antagonist from the old Christmas TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Bumble hates all things Christmas-related and flies into a rage whenever he sees Rudolph’s glowing red nose. So why include him on this list? Well, not only do we learn that a big reason why Bumble was so upset at the world was because he had a really bad toothache (relatable), he also goes on to change his miserly ways and eventually grows into a good character. Bumble belongs on this list because I sure do love me a change of heart for the better and a strong character arc. Also, have you seen how awesome and flowing his hair is? 

4. Marshmallow the Giant Snowman

Don’t let his name fool you! Hailing from the fantastic Disney movie Frozen, Marshmallow is anything but soft or cuddly (or edible…I'm pretty sure). With glowing orbs for eyes, icy spikes protruding from his back, and the ability to speak and projectile-vomit snow, Marshmallow is yet another unconventional snowman making an appearance on this list. I’ve included him because though extremely short-tempered, Marshmallow is a fiercely loyal protector, has ridiculous upper body strength (I wonder what he benches?) and shows through his actions that he has a soft spot in his heart for the ones he holds dear.

5. The Snowmen from Doctor Who

who snowmen 1

BBC One / Den of Geek

Are these snowmen terrifying? Yes. Are they without actual names? Mhmm. Do they feed off people’s fear to grow stronger and more powerful? Yep. Do they most likely also not have dental insurance? Double yes. So why include such horrid snowcreatures on this list? Well, when it comes to snowmen, while we may be accustomed to happy, jolly souls (lookinatchu, Frosty), these Snowmen from the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special demonstrate clearly that snowmen aren’t as one-dimensional as we may think — they've got true emotional range! Even if, for these particular snowghouls, that range goes from "creepy" to "actually blood-chilling."

6. The Campbell's Snowbuddy

This one goes out to all of my fellow 90’s babies and all the youngins out there who never experienced the awe and wonder of watching a Snowman turn into a hungry child. When I saw this on TV, I seriously stopped playing with my toys (for like, a second) to gaze in wonder at the special effects. Though this technically isn’t a 100% pure unadulterated “Snowman,” this one gets a spot on the list because A) nostalgia and B) the marketing worked a little too well on me. Who else asked their parents to stock up on Campbell’s chicken noodle soup after seeing this? Sorry, Mom. 

7. Olaf

Olaf the Snowman


And lastly but not leastly, again from the Frozen franchise we’ve got the oh-so-charismatic, goofy and lovable Olaf. My absolutely personal favorite snowman by far, Olaf serves the perfect amount of comedic relief, is always ready to give and receive warm hugs, has a great voice, and is ever-ready for adventures and helping others. He’s an absolute chum, and definitely deserves a spot on our list of Favorite Frosty Fellows. 

Honorable Mention: The Snowgies



Wait — couldn't dash outside to make a snowman without one last, quick, honorable mention: The Snowgies, travel-sized nuggets of mischievousness from the Disney short "Frozen Fever." Created by the Ice Queen Elsa herself, they are technically less miniature snowman and more, well, snot boogies (seriously: Elsa sneezed and they magically came to life). They get a spot on this list not because they have a rich history or anything like that — but because they’re just so darn cute!