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The PAW Patrol™ Experience Is Coming to CAMP

Bring your pack to CAMP Dallas, where no job is too big, and no pup is too small!

Camp Dallas · about 1 month ago

Adventure Bay is coming to CAMP, and you can take to the skies, get fired up for a daring rescue, dig into some adventure, and more!

To celebrate the release of PAW Patrol: The Movie, CAMP is bringing The PAW Patrol™ Experience to our Dallas store on August 13th. This immersive play experience brings you right into the world of Adventure City, with iconic sights and hounds right from PAW Patrol. But what can your family expect when they arrive?

PAW Patrol, to the Lookout– er, highlights!

  • 🔭 Adventure Bay’s iconic Lookout Tower, where kids can communicate with one another across the experience with an intercom system.

  • 🚒 Grab hold of a fire hose and douse a colorful projection of out-of-control fireworks alongside Marshall at City Hall.

  • 💪 Show off how brave you are by sailing down an indoor zipline.

Ready for adventure? Reserve your tickets for The PAW Patrol™ Experience now. Don’t forget; there’s no job too big and no pup too small!