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Share These Funny Digital Valentine's Day Cards With Someone You Love!

Have an online hunny? Send them something funny. We promise they’re extra punny.

Matt Harvey, Daniel Fernandez, and Heeral Chhibber


Heeral Chhibber / Camp

Valentine's Day has gone digital this year! Try your hand at our Valentine's Day Card Generator to create a customized, color-it-yourself love note for your favorite love bug. Or if you're not the DIY sort, these punny-funny messages of love (or even just friendship) are ready to be shared with that special someone over text, DM, Instagram stories, etc. Heck, you can even print them off and hand them out like regular old Valentine’s Day cards if you really want to. Whatever it takes to spread the love.

This card is perfect for anyone who’s been transformed into a frog by a magical spell:

ArticleImg VDayCard Article 1000x800 1

Heeral Chhibber / Camp

This e-V-Day card is a bee-ute!


Share this card with someone who makes you feel all fluffy inside:

ArticleImg VDayCard Article 1000x800 2

Heeral Chhibber / Camp

This card is perfect for your favorite spelling bee champ:


What? It’s true!

ArticleImg VDayCard Article 1000x800 3

Heeral Chhibber / Camp

This card's bananas! B-AN-AN-AS!


Share this card with somebunny you're into:

ArticleImg VDayCard Article 1000x800 4

Heeral Chhibber / Camp

Your love is written in the stars? Let 'em know with this card:


Hope you avo little luck finding someone who appreciates this card:

ArticleImg VDayCard Article 1000x800 5

Heeral Chhibber / Camp

This’ll give your Valentine something to chew on:

ArticleImg VDayCard Article 1000x800 6

Heeral Chhibber / Camp

This card is perfect for sharing with your other half:

ArticleImg VDayCard Article 1000x800 7

Heeral Chhibber / Camp

Send this one to someone who makes your heart sing:


Try Our Valentine's Day Card Generator!

Our card generator makes it easy for families to create and download their own color-me-in Valentine's Day cards!