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5 Things Camp Is Doing To Keep You Safe This Holiday Season!

Come on in. Camp's got you (and our Counselors) covered.

CAMP Stores




Every Camp Counselor is required to wear masks this holiday season, and so are our Campers! Don’t worry — we sell masks for those who are in need, and kiddos under two are not required to wear a mask in the stores.

2. Hand Sanitizer and PLENTY of it!

d3sign / Getty Images

d3sign / Getty Images

We’ve got tubs of sanitizer to keep those paws filthy clean. Grab some as you walk in and before you head out!

3. Wash, Rinse, and Repeat!


Kanawa_Studio / Getty Images

We’re disinfecting multi-touch surfaces every 30 minutes at all of our stores. Our Counselors are always cleaning and sanitizing products and surfaces throughout the day.

4. Keep Your Distance!



Our experiences behind the magic doors are operating at limited capacity, so you’ll be able to safely shop and play inside our stores! If we reach our occupancy limits and have a line of customers waiting, we’ll be limiting visits to one hour. If space allows, we’d love for you to stay as long as you’d like!

5. Have Fun!



This is a weird time, but we’re making the best of it!  We can see your smiles under those masks, so keep grinning widely and playing fiercely, Campers. We’ve got this!

Mask up and come play!