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Things to Do as a Family on Spring Break

Make spring break a blast with these activities and ideas for families, from independent projects to nature scavenger hunts to themed dinner nights!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns



Woohoo! You've made it to spring break! A whole week without alarms, sitting at desks, and a packed school schedule. So, what are you going to do with all of your free time? Relax? Maybe go on a crafting spree? Or maybe even take a little day trip to space? (More on that below!) Whatever you choose to do, we've got some ideas that will make your break the most memorable one yet! 

Kick Off a Week-Long Project



No school means a whole lot of time on your hands. What better way to use that time than to dive into a project that will take up the entire week? Impress your future self and create a time capsule full of interesting knickknacks that will blow your mind the next time you open it. Give the birds a nice springtime welcome and build them some exciting new houses. Work together on a DIY family tree. Or bring your imagination out to see how many different ways you can use a cardboard box. Can't decide on which project to do? Do them all! It's your spring break after all!

Come to CAMP!

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Not to brag, but...we're pretty good at family fun. So why stay at home during spring break when you can come to CAMP? Our amazing counselors have an incredible itinerary of activities planned just for you to try out. Go to slime boot camp and make different kinds of ooey-gooey goop, explore Adventure Bay with the PAW Patrol crew, or go on a trip to space! And that's not even half of the activities we have planned. Come craft pool noodle monsters, see some live animals, and learn how to turn a mason jar into a glow-in-the-dark craft. With so much on the schedule, we wouldn't blame you if you came every day of the break.

Take a Daycation



Forget about vacation — this break it's all about daycations! Head out for a day trip: Go visit the local zoo or aquarium, check out an adventure park, explore a museum, or take in a show or movie. Or embark on a virtual vacation: You can explore the Grand Canyon, the Amazon rain forest, or even the wreck of the Titanic right from your living room. You could even try a new daycation every day, to make your spring break feel like you packed seven trips into one vacation!

Make Suppertime Special With Themed Dinners

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Give your typical weeknight dinners a vacation too, and turn dinner into a festive affair with theme nights. Try a recipe from a country you've never visited but always wanted to. Explore Disney without leaving home and cook some food right out of the movies! Make dinner an all-appetizer extravaganza, test-drive copycat recipes for takeout favorites, or try to outdo each other with a Crazy Casserole Night. Take the theme up a notch and add in some homemade decorations too! It's way more exciting than just ordering pizza...again.

Get a Head Start on Your Garden



Turn your backyard into a full-fledged produce section this spring with your very own garden. Get a head start on the growing season during spring break and start those seedlings so they'll be ready to hit the ground in a few weeks. Grow tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, or any of your favorite fruits and veggies. While you're waiting for the seedlings to make an appearance, break out the crafting supplies and make decorations for your garden. The plants will very much appreciate their newly decorated home.  

Throw the Ultimate Picnic

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Spring break means you can take advantage of the nice weather during the day, instead of being stuck in a classroom. What better way to get some sunshine than to throw the ultimate picnic? Bring out your best picnic baskets and blankets and stake out the perfect spot in the park or even your backyard. Go all out with the food and pack your favorite finger sandwiches and treats. Don't forget to bring some kites along too! It will be the perfect entertainment.

Get Out There and Play



Your collection of indoor toys got you through the winter, but after months of playing with the same things day after day, a little change of pace would be nice, right? Good thing the weather is finally nice enough to break out the scooters, balls, ride-on toys, and everything outdoors. Spend your break outside playing with all of the toys that you wish you could play with over the winter. 

Set Up Some Independent Play Projects


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Here's one for the parents: If the kiddos haven't gotten the memo that spring break is for sleeping in, let them start the day off early with some independent play and strewing activities. The night before, show your little ones the stations they can play with when they first get out of bed. The activities don't have to be complicated, but something stimulating and quiet that they can work on by themselves. It will be a game saver for everyone involved. 

Make Art Outside

nature art projects


Making a mess inside isn't always such a good idea. Making a mess outside, on the other hand, is almost always a good idea. Take the crafts projects outside and turn your backyard into a crafts store. Go on nature hikes for supplies and learn how you can use flowers, sticks, and more in your everyday projects. Being outdoors also lets you take your projects up a level. Try tie dyeing, bubble painting, or whip out the water blasters for a new take on splatter painting.

Go on a Spring Scavenger Hunt



Warm weather isn't the only thing that comes along with spring. With longer days and loads of sunshine, there is also an abundance of creatures, flowers, and so much more to explore. Save a day during your break to head out and create a spring break scavenger hunt. Collect flowers, interesting rocks, or fun leaves that survived the winter. You could even turn the scavenger hunt into a photo scavenger hunt and see if you can snap a pic of caterpillars, frogs, flowers in bloom, or water trickling from a stream. 

More Spring Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Play

Whether it's a rainy spring afternoon or a gorgeous day for the park, these spring picks will keep kiddos occupied, engaged, and playing hard!