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This Is How We Make the Magic

CAMP is more than an awesome toy store — way more!

CAMP Stores


What’s so special about CAMP? It’s simple, really — our Counselors make MAGIC, every day. We love play, we ❤️ kids, we know toys, we 🙌 parents and caregivers, and we love making cool stuff.

Behind the magic door at CAMP is a world of play, discovery, imagination, and creativity that we can’t wait to share with your family.

Come see for yourself — this is how we make the magic!

We Love Play

A day without play is a day wasted! Here's how (and why) play is baked into everything we do at CAMP.

We ❤️ Kids

It’s the best part of the job: The kids. At CAMP, nothing makes us happier than encouraging kids to be their goofy, glorious, joyous selves.

We Know Toys

Our CAMP team has a Ph.D. in Fun. Trust us — we're toy experts!

We Love Making Cool Stuff

Making cool stuff with kids — like slime, tie-dye, and splatter art (and memories)? It’s all in a day’s work for our specially-trained CAMP Counselors.

We 🙌 Parents & Caregivers

Families come to CAMP to play, explore, and discover — and the great coffee and dedicated Counselor team don't hurt! We truly appreciate parents & caregivers and all the hard work they do every day — and we're always looking for ways to show it.

Come see for yourself — this is how we make the magic!