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10 Fun Touchless Alternatives for a High Five

High fives all around—but safety first!

Matt Harvey

I don’t know about you, but I love a good high five! High fives are an all-purpose tradition that can signify an excited greeting, a moment of congratulations, or the punctuation on a friendly goodbye.

While there's nothing awesomer than giving out a ton of high fives, sometimes circumstances require us to get creative. Don’t worry, we’re here to save you from that awkward moment where you start a high five but can’t follow through. Here’s a list of some of our favorite variations on the classic high five that’ll leave you satisfived!

1. The Jellyfish

The Jellyfish

Matt Harvey

The Jellyfish is like a fist bump, but instead of making contact with each other, you both escape like a swimming jellyfish!

2. Elbow Tap

Elbow Tap

Matt Harvey

This one is the classic high five replacement — the elbow bump! You just lightly tap elbows. It’s that easy!

3. Foot Bump

Foot Bump

Matt Harvey

In an ode to the classic Kid 'n Play dance from the House Party movies… kick forward and touch feet at the arch! You could even turn it into a dance!

4. Oh Snap

Oh Snap!

Matt Harvey

Another solid high five replacement is the OH SNAP! You just go in to shake hands, but instead you pull back fast and snap!

5. Air Five

Air Five

Matt Harvey

Ah, the classic air five. It’s the quintessential touchless high five experience.

6. Self High Five

Self High Five

Matt Harvey

If you find yourself in need of that satisfying slap of a solid high five, but the circumstances don’t permit hand-to-hand slappery — high five yourself! Savor the sweet smack of slapisfaction!

7. The Heartbeat

The Heartbeat

Matt Harvey

The heartbeat is a great way to show camaraderie! Just look at the person that you want to acknowledge as your friend and tap over your heart with your balled fist. There will be no confusion that you have love for your intended target.

8. The Weasel

The Weasel

Matt Harvey

In the ‘90s, Paulie Shore was famous for his Weasel persona, and the Weasel had his own way of high fiving a friend! To do the Weasel, you just put your hand out like a handshake and instead of touching hands, you wiggle your fingers at each other! WEEZE THE JUICE!

9. Peace Sign

Peace Sign

Matt Harvey

Just hold up two fingers with your palm facing out! Combine this with a Heartbeat for the Peace and Love combo! You can also use this as a wave goodbye. Chuck the deuces!

10. The Monopoly Guy

The Monopoly Guy

Matt Harvey

You and your friends can greet and congratulate each other in the fanciest way possible with the Monopoly Guy! Make your hand into an OK sign and look through the fancy monocle (the hole in your fingers)! CLASS!