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Turn Your Backyard Into a Water Park, No Pool Required

Get ready to be the most popular house on the block!

Margo Gothelf · 4 months ago


Just because you don’t have a pool in your backyard doesn’t mean you can't have fun playing in the water. In fact, these activities might be more exciting than a boring old pool! See how you can upgrade your yard into a wild waterpark with our suggestions. With your own waterpark, you won't have to wait in line, pay for tickets, and can spend as much time on any activity that you would like! Check out the ideas below and get ready to get wet!

Backyard Slip N Slide


All Things Thrifty

You might have a slide in your backyard, but it definitely won’t give you the same kind of thrill as this DIY Slip ‘N Slide. Get your adrenaline rush and cool down all at the same time as you make your way down the giant slide. Parents will be relieved to see just how easy this is to set up — and will possibly be more excited for their own turn! Want to go even faster? Add a little bit of soap or baby shampoo right onto the slide for a super speedy trip down. 

Kids' Car Wash Sprinkler

I don't know who will be more excited about this kid’s car wash sprinkler — the kids who get to run through it or the parents who get to trick their kids into washing off their bikes and toy cars. The pool noodles, mop heads, and sponges will make it seem like you are running through an actual car wash. Set this one up early in the summer so you can run through it all season long. 

Water Balloon Pinatas

IMG 0368-768x576.jpg

Milk Allergy Moms

Candy-filled pinatas will seem second-rate after you pop open these water balloon pinatas. With these pinatas, the bigger the balloon, the wetter you'll get. Hang them around the yard and carefully take turns seeing who can pop them open. You'll be having such a soaking wet good time that you won't even miss the candy. 

DIY Water Blasters


Mom Endeavors

Looking to add a bit of excitement to the classic water fight? Then you're going to want to add these water blasters to your backyard. With a little set-up work, you'll be able to have professional-level water blasters that can shoot up to 30 feet away. Start practicing your aim! 

Water Obstacle Course for Kids


Meaningful Mama

Think you can make it through the pool noodle tunnel, hit all the targets with a water blaster, and more? Put your skills to the test and see just how fast you can master the water obstacle course. Head on over to Meaningful Mama to see how they set up their summertime obstacle course. Feel free to get creative and add other activities depending on the layout of your backyard. No matter how you set it up, you sure are bound to have a soaking wet good time.

DIY Water Blob


Clumsy Crafter

Part trampoline, part slip 'n slide, and a whole lot of summer fun — this giant water blob is the summer activity you never knew you needed. The blob is pretty much a giant version of a plastic bag. Try and balance your way across the blob or spray some water on top of it to turn it a bouncy slide. Want to add even more excitement to your water blob? As you fill it up with water, throw in food color or glitter to make the water extra dazzling!

Ultimate Pool Noodle Sprinkler


Capturing Parenthood

Pool noodles are the MVPs of summer fun. They can pretty much be used in any summer activity and always make them ten times better. Case in point: these pool noodle sprinklers. The pool noodles connect together with the help of a little duct tape to create a massive backyard sprinkler — and might be your new clever way to help water the grass! If you’re feeling ambitious and have access to multiple hoses or a hose splitter, set up a few of these and turn your yard into a water oasis.

Knee Hockey Water Rink


Somewhat Simple

Hockey isn't a winter spot anymore! With a simple plastic sheet, a little water, and pool noodles, you can quickly turn your backyard into a water hockey arena. Get ready for some friendly competition and split into two teams to see who can score the most goals — matching bathing suit uniforms not required! 

Water Wall

Simply put, this water wall will provide endless hours of entertainment. You better start brainstorming ideas for this wall now because you're going to want to keep it out in the yard all summer long. The best part about the wall is it is super customizable. Splatter paint the wooden planks, or stick to a water theme and paint them different shades of blue. Then assemble the PVC pipes and watch the water flow! Pro tip: put some of the pipes low down to make sure your littlest ones can get in on the action. 

Giant Inflatable Sprinklers


For the hottest days of the summer and when DIY projects just won't cut it, keep one of these giant inflatable sprinklers around to save the day. To turn your backyard into a personalized water park, all you have to do is inflate the sprinkle and connect it to a hose —it’s that easy. Not sure which one to pick? Keep it trendy with a unicorn, blast off to the moon with this rocket sprinkler, or go back in time and let the dinosaurs get in on the summer fun. 

Inflatable Slides

You'll never need to visit a water park IRL with these inflatable water toys. With the help of an air pump (don't even attempt to blow these up without one), you'll have the most exciting backyard on the block. Choose from a variety of inflatables like this one with a climbing wall and splash pad or go with the bouncy house and slide combo. There’s also a simple slide if you just want to keep it easy. The inflatables might be on the pricier end, but hey, with these toys, you can skip the water park altogether.