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13 Ways to Keep Busy During Winter Break

Here's how to pack every waking moment with maximum fun — which is, of course, the only true goal of winter break.

Margo Gothelf · 29 days ago



You did it! Congrats on making it to winter break! Not sure what to do with all of that free time? Well, then you've come to the right place. We've collected some of our favorite activities, experiences, and toys that will keep you busy all day long while you take a break from class. You'll be booked with fun from sun up to sun down — and you've earned it! 

Craft Kits



Wish you could just be in art class all day long? Luckily, during winter break, you're making the schedule, so it's markers, paints, sewing, and ceramics for as long as you want. Dive into a craft kit or freestyle to make your own unique creation. At the end of the week, put all of your work on display with a winter break gallery show. You'll probably want to sign everything with your autograph while you're at it — who knows how much an original will be worth down the line! 

CAMP Programs


If the idea of spending the week in the house has you feeling a little stir-crazy, we've got the solution: Come to CAMP to let out all of that pent-up energy! Our energetic Counselors have loads of exciting activities on their schedule that you won't want to miss out on. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend the day in Adventure Bay or traveling to space? From slime bootcamp to yoga to improv to music concerts for kids, there are so many amazing activities going on that we wouldn't blame you if you came every day of the break. (And we'd be so psyched to see you!)

Family Book Club



Curling up with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate is a treasured Christmas week tradition in Iceland, known as "jolabokaflod" — or "Yule book flood." Why not bring the tradition to your house this year? Get the whole family in on the activity and throw a fancy book club party at the end of the week. Have fun with your pick and choose a book that you wouldn't read in school. Go for the latest movie adaptation, see what your favorite characters are up to in the latest release in your favorite series, or test out your sleuthing skills and dive into a mystery novel. 

Day Trip Time



Time to hit the road and feel the wind in your hair! Okay, maybe skip the whole wind thing because it's cold outside, but go all in on the road trip part! Pile up into the car and take the crew on the road for a day trip nearby. Check out the local ice skating rink, go snowshoeing and take a snowy hike, or hit the slopes and try skiing for the day. Don't forget to stop for hot chocolate along the way! 

Learn a New Skill



Just because school is out of session doesn't mean the learning has to stop. Use your free time to pick up a skill you wouldn't necessarily learn in school. Head to the top of the app store and learn the ins and outs of coding, try a new STEM or engineering project for kids, dive into the cookbook you got for the holidays and learn how to make a three-course meal, or pick up that guitar sitting in your room and learn some new chords

Make a New Hit Song

best family musicals to stream


Picture this: you're at the 2022 Grammy awards, and your category is up next. You're nominated for Best New Artist for your hit song, "Winter Break." Think you can make it happen? Give it a shot this winter break and get the creative juices flowing. Write a hit song, take it to the production studio — er, free editing software that comes with your computer — and see if you can take your hit to the top of the charts.

Become Top Chef

best cooking youtube channels for kids


If you're constantly watching cooking shows and always have better ideas than the contestants on TV (everyone knows to NEVER use the ice cream machine!), put your skills to the test and turn your home kitchen into a reality cooking show over break. Invite your friends over for a round of Chopped, see if you can pass the technical challenge in your own version of Bake Off, or challenge yourself to a quickfire from Top Chef!

Game Night Every Night



Anyone up for a little friendly competition? You better be with a different game on the table each night of winter break. Practice your dice rolling skills for a game of Yahtzee, channel your inner real estate agent and buy out the whole board in Monopoly, or conquer a new world in a game of Catan. Looking for something with a little less competition? Play a few rounds of What Do You Meme Family Edition or Guesstures to turn family game night into pure laughs.

Walk The Runway

things to do on a rainy summer day


Gucci, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton have nothing on you! Strut your stuff down the runway and show off the latest in home fashion with a fashion show featuring the latest in your winter break collection. Mix and match PJs, match that elegant evening gown with some snow boots, or grab all your clothes that shimmer and shine for an unstoppable moment on the runway. The fashion world won't know what hit it. 

Holiday Movie Marathon


New Line Cinema

Winter break is the perfect excuse to post up on the couch all day and watch movie after movie. Secure the snacks, grab the comfiest seat on the couch and get ready to hit play. Work your way through all the Spider-Man movies to prep for Spider-Man: No Way Home or stay in holiday mode and go through the Christmas classics — or keep it holiday-adjacent with Christmas movies in disguise

Lights, Camera, Action


Photo: Getty

Love reenacting your favorite scenes from Frozen? What about recreating your favorite battle from Star Wars? Whatever your film of choice is, cast yourself in the starring role and put yourself on the big screen to show off all of your acting chops with an at-home performance. Recreate sets, costumes, and cast your siblings to be the extras. When you're ready for the performance, have Mom or Dad film it to share with family and friends — and the Academy! Who knows, you could be one of the youngest Oscar nominations in history! 

Activity Books Galore



Swap out your math, science, and reading books for books full of fun! Spend your free days of vacation making your way through endless activity books. Go crazy with stickers, learn how to make a short film, or work on your fashion portfolio

Play Some Indoor Sports

Kids Burning off energy


Vacations in the summer are easy — just go play outside! While that could be a solution in the winter, it normally involves a lot of preparation with coats, hats, and gloves. Plus, by the time you get outside, you're probably too hot from all the layers. Solve the problem and keep all the games inside with an indoor sports set. Take soccer games into the basement, test out your hockey skills with an indoor net, and practice your aim with a football target practice. You just might remove anything fragile, you know, just in case there's a stray ball or something.