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10 Ways To Make Virtual Learning More Fun For Everyone

Transform the virtual learning experience into something memorable and productive!

Sean Kelly · about 2 months ago

Virtual learning has become the norm for families all around the world. There are a lot of things about learning at home that can make it more difficult than going to school, but it doesn’t have to be insurmountable.

There are plenty of ways that parents can help their kids turn homeschooling into an engaging experience that they actually get excited about doing every day. Let’s take a look at some ways to transform the virtual learning experience into something memorable and productive.

1. Set Up A Makeshift Classroom

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Rather than just putting your kids at a desk somewhere in the house, try setting them up in a dedicated room every day and sprucing it up with some decorations, supplies, and anything that will get them excited about being there. Better yet, give the kids a chance to create their own classroom however they see fit!

2. Start The Day With Some Music

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If you’re looking for a way to get the day going, consider making a morning playlist of your kids’ favorite songs to play over breakfast. Try to focus on music that isn’t overstimulating or too high energy; calmer is better to help everyone ease into a day of work. Music is a great way to bring the whole family together, too, and it can become a fun part of your morning ritual throughout the week to get everyone’s day going.

3. Make Lunchtime A Team Effort

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Depending on how much time you have to give your kids lunch, choose at least one day a week that can be dedicated to cooking together so there’s something to look forward to in the middle of the school day. Spend the weekend prior planning out some lunch recipes for the week ahead and give everyone a fun family activity to be excited for. 

Better yet, make sure you plan your lunch break at the same time if you’re working remotely, so having lunch together becomes a highlight of the day.

4. Create Your Own Family Gym Class

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Virtual learning makes prioritizing physical education a bit more difficult, but there’s an opportunity to budget some time during the week where the whole family can come together and do an activity together. Whether it’s a short game of kickball in the backyard, a walk or jog, or even a fun round of tag, putting an emphasis on exercise doesn’t have to be an impossible task in a virtual learning environment.

5. Reward Homework With An Occasional Surprise

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The fact is, sometimes kids don’t like to do homework. But as parents, we know how important it can be for understanding what is taught every day. Try creating incentives for doing the work by promising the occasional treat or surprise. It could be anything from an end-of-the-week ice cream party or a special book that they’ve been wanting to read.

Every once in a while, incentivizing homework creates a sense of motivation that the kids could definitely use after long days of learning at home.

6. Arrange Virtual Study Groups With Friends

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For a lot of kids, virtual learning still means studying and preparing for tests and assignments. This can be a tough thing to keep up with as parents, especially when you’re working from home and are already involved in organizing your kids’ day. What better way to encourage effective studying than to set up a virtual play date with a friend or two, where they work together and talk about their day at school. 

Turning homework into a friend activity makes it something they can actually look forward to doing every day. Try making a game or activity out of these virtual homework get-togethers as well!

7. Start A Quiz Prep Game Show

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If you have kids who are taking quizzes and tests, a virtual learning environment can create challenges when it comes to focus and motivation to prepare. As parents, planning ways to help your kids get better prepared for test taking can take some serious pressure off. What better way to ease the stress for everyone than by turning quiz prep into a fun game show? 

Put some questions together ahead of the quiz and organize them like into game show format, where correct answers win points. This will help the kids focus on what they need to retain and remember for the upcoming test.

8. Let The Kids Pick Their Own Snack

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This might seem simple, but letting kids choose their snacks gives them something to be excited about throughout the day. Give them some healthy options and throw in a small treat, and they’ll undoubtedly look forward to getting up every day. Plan snack time as a routine throughout the week, that way you’re creating consistency in the classroom.

9. Turn Due Dates Into Rewarding Challenges

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For older kids especially, due dates can be tough even if you’re in the classroom. In a virtual environment, it’s even harder to stick to these dates and focus enough to get the work done by the time they’re due. Encourage your kids to focus on these dates for projects or assignments by creating a calendar and breaking down the assignment into challenges where they earn points or stars after every milestone.

At the end of the project, do something small as a token of appreciation for their hard work. It doesn’t need to be a present or a physical item — it can be something simple that gets them motivated to accomplish what needs to get done by the time it’s due.

10. End Each Week With A Dance Party

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Just like you created a morning playlist to start the day, try ending each week of virtual learning with a dance party that the whole family can take part in. Let the kids choose the songs they want, turn them up, and let loose! This is a great way to wind down from a long week of school, and it brings the whole family together to celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. Plus, don’t we all need a dance party right now?