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Here Are Some Genuinely Fun Things to Do With Kids in February!

It’s cold, the days are short, and the holidays are over — but there’s plenty of family fun in store this month!

Jack Shepherd

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There’s a reason they made February the shortest month: It’s far too cold, it’s far too far away from the holidays, and nobody really knows the right way to pronounce it but everyone’s too afraid to admit it. 

But with the right attitude, the right information, and a few essentials — like hot cocoa and marshmallows — you can make this February a fun, memorable month so jam packed with awesome, kid-friendly activities that you’ll be wishing it were longer than 28 days. You still probably won’t know what to do with that weird extra “r” right in the middle of its name, but we can all just brush past that like we always have. 

Here are some genuinely fun and rewarding things to do with kids this February!

Get Inspired for Black History Month


Heeral Chibber/CAMP

Black history is American history — and kids are probably going to get a much-needed deep dive into Black History at school this month. Build on that foundation and deepen your kiddos’ knowledge by reading some of these great books on Black History, learning about Black changemakers in the fields of art, science, literature, politics, and performance, trying some of these Black History Month crafts, and supporting these Black-owned businesses with great products for kids and families. Plus, all CAMP stores are offering free crafts each week inspired by Black icons — come in to make cool crafts inspired by people who made history!

Join the World's Biggest Party for Lunar New Year, Starting February 1

The biggest celebration on the planet is officially here, as millions of people around the world ring in Lunar New Year — the Year of the Tiger! Dancing lions and dragons charge through the streets, red money packets are exchanged, and delicious feasts are served, full of lucky foods for a bright year ahead. Learn more about how to celebrate this special holiday — and stop by any CAMP location for some free crafting inspired by Lunar New Year the week of February 1.

Celebrate Groundhog Day in Style on February 2



Start your February 2 off by livestreaming the world’s most illustrious weather-adjacent woodchuck’s big prediction, then take a few hours to process the news about how many more weeks of winter we’re going to have before launching into one of these fun ways to celebrate Groundhog Day as a family. Finish off the evening with a Groundhog Day movie screening! For the full experience, wake up on February 3 and do it all over again. 

Save Adventure Bay With The PAW Patrol Experience at CAMP Burlington, Opening February 3!


The PAW Patrol pups have to work year round, and February is no exception, what with Mayor Goodway’s car getting stuck in the snow, and Mayor Humdinger’s nephew making trouble with a Freeze Ray (Adventure Bay has kind of a fraught relationship with its local officials). At CAMP’s PAW Patrol Experience, you can join in the fun, taking part in an exciting mission with your favorite pups to save the day, every day! Doors open Thursday, February 3 at our brand-new and fully-awesome CAMP location in Burlington, MA, right outside Boston!

Get Hype for National Golden Retriever Day on February 3



A lot of people think that the biggest event in February is the Super Bowl, but those people have clearly never heard of National Golden Retriever Day! Celebrate America’s national pet (OK, I made that up, but they’re so nice!) on February 3 by volunteering to walk dogs at your local shelter. It’s wholesome fun; it’s rewarding; and who knows … maybe you’ll come home with a special new friend so you can celebrate Golden Retrievers every day? 

Watch the Winter Olympics Starting February 4!


Wikimedia Commons

As a grownup, the best thing about the Winter Olympics (apart from the figure skating) is watching about 10 minutes of luge, or curling, and then confidently saying things like “Oh, she’s really gripping the ice well today,” or “Canada’s sweepers just can’t get into the right rhythm,” like you’re suddenly a world expert. And kids can get in on that action too, by checking out CBC’s site full of info, games, and fun videos about the Beijing Olympics, signing up at the official Olympic fan zone, or throwing their own winter Olympic games at home

Get Serious About National Pizza Day on February 9



National Pizza Day is on Wednesday, February 9, and it should honestly be a federal holiday, but until Congress gets around to fixing that, we can celebrate in style by having a make-your-own pizza night! Make some easy Texas Toast Pizzas with the kids, try one of these alternative pizza recipes that kids love, or just order pizza in to mark this important event, and watch a Ninja Turtles movie (or maybe Mystic Pizza?) to get into the mood. 

Come to Slime Bootcamp All Month Long

Slime Soldiers, ten hut! Actually, sorry for calling you a “Slime Soldier” — that seemed like it was going to be a nicer thing to say before it came out. But if you’re in New York or Connecticut, you can and should reserve your spot at one of CAMP’s Slime Bootcamp sessions this month! Kids will love learning how to make three different types of slime, and let’s be honest, grownups will love it too. 

Go to a Magic Show on February 12

Did you know that February 13 is Luna Lovegood’s birthday? If you did, take a bow — that’s honestly some surprisingly deep Harry Potter lore you’re carrying around with you. But the point is that wintertime is the perfect time for indoor magic fun! If you’re in Dallas, CAMP has a great magic show on February 12, otherwise, find a magic show near you or pick up one of these magic kits and stage your own!

Come to Our Valentine’s Day Party on February 13!


I Heart Crafty Things

If you’ve got young kids, Valentine’s Day is probably less about booking an expensive restaurant for you and your boo and more about making sure everybody gets through the evening without pulling someone’s hair or trying to ride the dog, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into the spirit of the day with some V-Day crafting! Here’s a list of great Valentine’s Day Crafts to try, or you can book your tickets for CAMP’s Cupid-themed crafting, cookies, and cards event and craft with CAMP!

Have an Epic Super Bowl Party on February 13



Super Bowl Sunday is February 13, and even if you don’t like football, there’s going to be enough snacks, excitement, and halftime fun to make it a day to remember. Get ready for the big game by making Super Bowl crafts, building an epic snack stadium, watching the all-time greatest Super Bowl commercials, and watching the day’s other major event: Puppy Bowl XVIII!

Craft Your Heart Out at CAMP Starting February 15


Heeral Chibber/CAMP

February is a month for staying inside and keeping warm with some constructive activities, and we’ve got a few great ones that crafty kids will absolutely love. Kids can make their own awesome board game; design and paint their own adorable nesting dolls; learn to make slimy, sensory fidget bags; or construct the unicorn of their dreams at one of CAMP’s super-fun February crafting events. 

Learn How to Clown Around on February 21


Heeral Chibber/CAMP

Clowning around is serious business, and the noble art of being professionally silly takes hard work, perseverance, and dedication. But it’s also very, very, very fun, and you can clown your heart out with a comprehensive clown class for 5-8-year-olds on February 21st!

Jump Around to Jazz on February 21!


February is the best month for jazz dancing because every month is the best month for jazz dancing, but there’s really no better way to beat back the winter blues than by tapping your feet to that jazzy beat. This month’s CAMP concert series for families and kids age 0-6 features a brass band, a whole lot of adorable dancing, and … bubbles!

Make an Art Robot on February 23!


There will come a time when the machines we have built to serve us become aware enough to betray us, but in the meantime, we can learn about problem solving and electrical circuits all at once by building cute little art bots! And hopefully they’ll remember us and spare our lives when The Dawn of the Machines is finally here. I digress — come and construct your very own take-home DIY art robot with us on February 23!

Meet Some Animals on February 25!


Wondering what the animals have to say about all of this? Why not ask them in person? We’ve got turtles, lizards, and an extremely nice frog who can’t wait to meet your family and give you their cold-blooded perspective on how the month is going. Come meet our reptilian friends from The Art Farm on February 25!