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10 Movies and TV Shows to Watch With Your Family in September

Looking for something to watch that the kids *and* the adults can enjoy? Start with our monthly what-to-see-next guide!

Graham Steinberg


There's plenty to watch this month, whether at the movie theater or on your television. We’ve got a new Marvel blockbuster, a revival of a classic tale, and an award-winning musical brought to the big screen, among others.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (In theaters)

As movie theaters start to welcome families back, we’re gonna start seeing some unmissable options back at the box office. Shang-Chi is a film that Kevin Feige has been wanting to make since the beginning of the MCU (see the Ten Rings in Iron Man) and he’s finally come around to it. This one promises to be much more action-based than some other Marvel films, but still with all the epic storytelling you're used to. 

Cinderella (Amazon Prime)

You just know that this retelling of the classic story is going to be a blast by the cast alone. Camilla Cabello is taking over the eponymous role while Idina Menzel will be playing the evil stepmother. But I am most excited about the great Billy Porter playing Fab G., a genderless version of the Fairy Godmother. This should be a really fresh take on an age-old tale.

Dear Evan Hansen (In theaters)

I first saw Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway before anyone knew who Ben Platt was and it was the second best experience I’ve ever had in a theater (nothing can beat out The Lion King). The music was spectacular while the story was as touching as it was creative. I'm excited (and a bit concerned) about how this will translate into film but with a cast that includes a return from Platt himself alongside Julianne Moore and Amy Adams, it’s sure to be worth checking out.

Centaurworld (Netflix)

This wild and hilarious new musical cartoon series follows the one straight-laced war horse who is trapped in a terrifying world of adorable centaur creatures. The animation and worldbuilding look to be super engaging for the kids but it’s just zany enough that adults might have fun too.

Doom Patrol (HBO Max)

Since premiering two years ago, Doom Patrol has had a popularity boom. This series about a ragtag team of superheroes has a stacked cast including Brendan Fraser, Matt Bomer, and Timothy Dalton with Michelle Gomez joining as the main antagonist this season. The team's crazy battle with the Candlemaker will also continue with the stakes higher than ever. 

Wish Dragon (Netflix)

Wish Dragon is the perfect celebration of Chinese culture that will help your kids explore and learn. It’s funny and touching and, with the voices of John Cho and Constance Wu, sure to be enjoyable.

Daddy Day Care (Amazon Prime)

This 2003 classic from Eddie Murphy was one of my favorite movies growing up. Just rewatched it a couple months ago for the first time in years and, honestly, it still holds up. Really just a fun simple story for the whole family.

Shaun the Sheep Movie (Hulu)

A while back we recommended the sequel to this Farmageddon but now we’re going back to the original! Everybody loves Shaun the Sheep and the classic stop motion claymation world he inhabits.

Shark Tale (Hulu)

Working at the car wash! Another family favorite from years past. This animated adventure under the sea has an ocean-deep cast including Will Smith, Jack Black, Robert De Niro and Angelina Jolie. It takes you into the criminal underworld (quite literally) of sharks where we meet the most timid of them all, Lenny.