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What’s Your Sith Lord Name?

So you’ve been seduced by promises of power and immortality (and cookies) from the Dark Side of the force. Before your transformation into full-fledged Sith Lord begins, you’re gonna need a name!

Daniel Fernandez


The life of a Sith Lord is one filled with anger, anger, and, well, more anger. Other staples in the Sith Lord’s emotional diet include: rage, hatred, and fury, but at the very least expect to be generally annoyed most of the time.

Of course, there’s also: lightsaber duels with Jedi scum, high-speed chases in super-fast spaceships, shooting force lightning from your fingers, lots of evil laughs, convoluted plots, admissions of fatherhood, and speaking to your apprentice in vague and ominous sayings like: “You must rise from the ashes of your former self to become the self that you were meant to rise from the ashes from to become today now.” (LOL, what?)



Anyway. If you’re reading this article, it looks like you’ve chosen the Dark Side, so before you head off into the far reaches of the galaxy hunting Jedi and enforcing the will of the Empire, we’re gonna need to help you find your Sith Lord name. No time to waste, my apprentice — let’s begin!



#1. The “I Fell Asleep During German Class” Method



Did you know that “Vader” means “Father” in German? I bet all of the German folks watching Star Wars for the first time thought, “Darth Father? Hmm, that’s a weird name for a charac- oh, nevermind, makes sense.” For this method, pick a random word in German and place it right after Darth!


1. Darth Vader. “Vader” is the german word for “Father.” Makes sense now, doesn’t it?  

2. Darth Geist. “Geist” is the German word for “Ghost.” Spooky!

3. Darth Strudel. The “Strudel” is the national dessert of Germany, and this name is reserved for only the most delicious of Sith Lords.


#2. The “Aggressive Verb” Method

Remember how I said Sith Lords are angry all the time? Well, sometimes that anger finds its way into their names. For this method, pick a verb that is forceful in its definition and means something destructive and place it right after Darth!


1. Darth Maul. “Maul'' is a verb that means “to wound a person or animal by scratching and tearing.” I told y’all these Sith were angry. 

2. Darth Wallop. “Wallop” is a verb that means “hit forcefully.”

3. Darth Toot. Considering the way I fart, this method definitely applies.

#3. The “I Stopped Going to Anger Management Sessions” Method



Because Sith Lords are all gung-ho about channeling their rage to become more powerful, this method revolves around picking a word that makes you feel angry. Take that word and place it right after Darth!


1. Darth Bane. Taken from the canon, Darth Bane’s father used to tell him he was the “bane” of his existence. Whenever he heard that word he would immediately get upset. Talk about a rough childhood. 

2. Darth Strep. I once got strep throat so bad I couldn’t talk for three weeks and of course I had an important presentation to give at school. Ahhh, makes me so upset! 

3. Darth That One Time My Brother Ate the Last Slice of Pizza. I think this one is pretty self explanatory. And I’m still not over it, Michael!



#4. The “More or Less or Both” Method



Generally, Sith chose words that would invoke certain thoughts or emotions when they were heard. For this method, choose any word that evokes an image that you want and then feel free to replace, remove, or add new letters to the name. For these, you’ll know you did it right if the name just rolls off the tongue in a creepy way


1. Darth Sidious is the word “Insidious” without the letters “I” and “N”

2. Darth Tyranus is the word “Tyrant” without the T” +  “U” and “S”

3. Darth Plagueis is the word “Plague” with an extra “IS” at the end!

#5. The “Anagrams for the Win!” Method



You may recognize this from the What’s Your Bounty Hunter Name? generator, but you can apply this method just as easily to your Sith Lord Name. Simply take an existing name or noun (person, place, or thing) and rearrange some/all of the letters of that word. 


1. Darth Revan. Revan is a nonsense anagram for the word “Raven.”

2. Darth Rabardol (we made this one up!). “Rabardol” is a nonsense anagram for the word “Labrador.”

3. Darth H’sootbruth (we made this one up too!). “H’sootbruth” is a nonsense anagram for the word “Toothbrush.”


#6. The “I Am at Your Service, Master” Method



In Star Wars lore, a Sith Lord cannot simply name themselves. Instead, their Master must give their apprentice a name. For this method, ask a friend, acquaintance, family member, or sworn enemy to become your Master and come up with your Sith Lord name!

Examples (My Master didn’t take this one very seriously):

1. Darth Tater Tots

2. Darth Math Test 

3. Darth Deodorant 

4. Darth My Little Pony



If you find yourself struggling to come up with the perfect Sith Lord name then perhaps the life of a Bounty Hunter is a better fit for you?! If not, don’t overthink it, just let the rage flow through you, and most importantly just: