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Which PAW Patrol Character Are You?

Mayor Humdinger’s causing trouble again, and we need the PAW Patrol to spring into action! But which member of the team are you?

Jack Shepherd

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Nick Jr

It’s time to find out which PAW Patrol character you are! Answer the questions below that best fits your awesome personality and skills. Be sure to keep track of the letters and numbers that correspond to your answer as those will be important to remember when the time comes to get your character result!

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CAMPxPAWPATROL Character-answerzuma

You’re Chase! You are serious, responsible, and efficient. You have a cool head in a crisis, which makes you a natural leader. But when it’s time to relax, people who know you well will see your playful side. 

CAMPxPAWPATROL Character-answerrocky

You’re Rocky! You’re smart and resourceful, and you put those talents to good use by making the world a better place. You don't like unnecessary waste and although you’re very open-minded and even-tempered, it concerns you when people treat the environment with disrespect.

CAMPxPAWPATROL Character-answermarshall

You’re Marshall! You’ve always been the class clown, and you’re always the first to find a way to crack everyone up and lighten the mood. You can be a little bit clumsy and goofy sometimes, but when the situation calls for action, people see that underneath it all you’re loyal, responsible, and reliable. 

CAMPxPAWPATROL Character-answerrubble

You’re Rubble! You're gruff and tough, but deep down you have a heart of gold. You're always eager to help someone in need, and you have a great sense of humor that never fails to cheer a friend when they're feeling down.

CAMPxPAWPATROL Character-answerskye

You’re Skye! You have a competitive streak and everybody knows it, but it’s what makes you effective when you’re working and tons of fun when it’s time to play. You’re always the first to volunteer and try something new, which makes you a great part of any team.

CAMPxPAWPATROL Character-answerzuma

You’re Zuma! You’re full of energy, but what truly makes you happiest is when you can see that the people around you are happy. You are a true friend, and you consider loyalty to be one of the most important qualities in a person. 

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