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If They Were Called Right Now, Which Avengers Would Actually ... You Know, Assemble?

A lot has changed since “Endgame.” If the Avengers were needed today who could actually answer the call?

Graham Steinberg

We are in a state of emergency! Kang has emerged from the future and is bent on conquering the planet! We need to call in the Avengers to stop him. But after Iron Man and Black Widow’s sacrifices and Captain America’s retirement, who is left to answer the call? The team is all over the map but there are just enough heroes left to join together. Let’s take a look at the status of all our members and assemble a new Avengers team!


Sam Wilson / Captain America


What is an Avengers team without Captain America to lead it? The recent The Falcon and the Winter Soldier saw the shield finally passed along to Sam Wilson, and he is more than ready to be at the forefront of the next lineup. This has been more or less confirmed to be happening since Endgame but now Sam’s got the very comic-accurate suit and seems to be widely accepted in his role after a bit of a hiccup at the start of his standalone series. Sam has no more confirmed appearances as of yet but you know there’s no way he won’t be back very soon. 

Bruce Banner / Hulk


Albeit injured from his successful snap (don’t forget it was actually Smart Hulk who brought everyone back), Bruce is alive and well at the end of Endgame, having just assisted Steve in his trip to return the Infinity Stones. Additionally, we learn during the film that he has developed quite the reputation as a hero during the five years since the Blip, so it would make sense for Bruce to be willing to return if the Avengers were called again. We should learn more in She-Hulk, where he is set to return. 

James Rhodes / War Machine


Rhodey appears to still be working for the government at the start of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, so he is likely still more connected to the Avengers Initiative than anyone else on this list. Even during the events of Infinity War, when everyone had cleared out of the compound, Rhodey stayed behind to hold down the fort. He has been consistent in his support for the team, and the team will definitely want someone in an iron suit with Tony gone.



Now that she is the King of Asgard, and its remaining population is entirely located on Earth, it would make sense for Valkyrie to join the next Avengers lineup. She doesn’t have much connection to the team besides Thor and Bruce but there is no doubt this fierce warrior would gladly step in to protect her adoptive home while the God of Thunder is away. 

Scott Lang / Ant-Man and Hope van Dyne / Wasp


Last seen in the epilogue of Endgame watching fireworks, Scott and Hope are all set to return in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantamania (where they will in fact be going up against Kang). Neither of them seem anywhere near done with the hero life, and they’re now very connected to the other members of the team. 



We’re not entirely sure what the future of Black Panther holds as of yet, but our hope is that if anyone takes up the mantle it will be Shuri. And even if she doesn’t, she is still one of the smartest people in the MCU and could easily take over Tony Stark’s role as the group’s resident tinkerer. At the end of the first Black Panther film, her brother T’Challa also promotes her as the Wakandan ambassador for science and technology, so it would make sense that she may want to take up more global concerns as part of the Avengers. 

Bucky Barnes


Although he would probably join a team reluctantly, Buck’s path to redemption seems to be leading here and I can’t imagine our new Captain America not pulling him into the next battle. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier left his future wide open and the final battle did show him genuinely enjoying how he helped people for the first time. 

Monica Rambeau


It’s clear from the end of WandaVision that Monica has a big future in the MCU. With her credit restored and now fully superpowered, it would definitely make sense for her to join the team at her old ally Nick Fury’s request. She is confirmed to appear in Captain Marvel 2 and may also show up in the Secret Invasion series so we will likely learn more then. 


Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy


We last saw Thor and the Guardians jetting off together in Endgame. More recently in Spider-Man: Far From Home, Nick Fury gave a status update on several heroes and described Thor as being “off-world.” Clearly he is done with Earth for a little while and the Guardians were never really connected to it in the first place. We are set to see them all next in Thor: Love and Thunder

Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel


In Far from Home, Carol is also described as being “off-world,” and during the events of Endgame she made it clear she could not remain on Earth for long periods because she had loyalties to other places across the universe. It’s not that she couldn’t join the team; she’s just a bit preoccupied.

Stephen Strange


Doctor Strange has never seemed particularly interested in joining a team like the Avengers. He is very busy as Sorcerer Supreme and likely has a lot of mystical threats to deal with as we head towards Multiverse of Madness next year. In Far from Home, he is described simply as “unavailable,” which just about sums that up. Ironically, he is set to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home, so he’s obviously not that busy.

Wanda Maximoff


At the end of WandaVision, Wanda is hiding in seclusion and trying to deal with the loss of pretty much everyone she loves. She definitely does not seem to be in the headspace to join back with the Avengers right now, and she’s still not on good terms with the government after using mind control on a small town. She seems super busy reading the Darkfold, too, which will probably come up during her next scheduled appearance in Multiverse of Madness.



So this one’s a bit of an asterisk. Vision was technically killed in Infinity War, but then had his memories resurrected by Wanda in WandaVision while his body was resurrected (as White Vision) by S.W.O.R.D. at the same time. The memory Vision disappeared along with Westview at the end of that series, but White Vision still remains at large, his memories now partially restored. He could return to the fold in the future, but he may have some stuff to figure out first.

Peter Parker / Spider-Man


One of only seven characters on this list that we have actually seen since Endgame, Peter is likely on the run after having his identity revealed by Mysterio in the Far from Home post-credits scene. While this is likely to be cleared up in his next outing — and he will definitely join the team after that — at this exact moment he may want to remain out of the spotlight. 

Clint Barton / Hawkeye


Since Civil War, Clint was on a leave of absence as part of his plea deal, and that was still the case at the beginning of the events of Endgame. After losing his entire family during the Blip, he goes on a homicidal rampage across the globe. Not only does this sort of disqualify him from joining the more benevolent Avengers in the future, but I can’t imagine that now, with his family finally back, he’s going to want to go off again. With his upcoming Disney+ series looking more and more like his swan song, it seems as though Clint may be just about ready to retire.



Although, during the five year period of the Blip, Okoye did work with Black Widow and the sort of pseudo-Avengers team monitoring world events, her allegiance to the Wakandan Crown means she would likely stay focused on more domestic affairs. Shuri seems like more of a fit for the Avengers, and you would think that at least one of these two important figures would want to remain at home.

Pepper Potts


She suited up once for the final battle against Thanos but I highly doubt that Pepper would want to make a regular thing of this, especially after the loss of her husband during the same event.