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The Zodiac Signs as Classic Halloween Candies

There’s candy in the stars, and we’re not talking about the Milky Way.

Margo Gothelf · about 1 month ago

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns00 Hero

We’re not here to guess your favorite Halloween candy correctly — it would take some kind of mind-reader to do that, and who believes in that stuff? What we’ve done is measure the relative positions of the planets and stars to bring you these highly scientific sugar-laden-zodiac readings! Yes, this is your personal confection as determined by the constellations. So grab a loot bag, and get ready to fill it up with candy theories from the stars. 

Aries → Hot Tamales

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns01 ARIES

Some like it hot! Especially those who are born March 21 - April 19. Bold, fiery, and fierce are not only character traits of a true Aries, but basically the unofficial tagline for Hot Tamales as well. Ambitious and assertive, Aries knows it's not easy being the hottest candy in the trick-or-treat bag, but this natural leader is always up for the challenge.  

Taurus → Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns02 TAURUS

Silky chocolate on the outside and creamy peanut butter on the inside, Reese’s cups are the most luxurious candy you can score on Halloween. Reliable Taureans (born April 20 - May 20) have a hard time saying no to this irresistible treat, arguably the top tier in the candy pyramid – and they will argue about it. Thinking about asking for a bite? Better just get your own, or this bull will be seeing red. 

Gemini → Sour Patch Kids

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns03 GEMINI

"First they're sour. Then they're sweet." Listen, it's the tagline for Sour Patch Kids, but it might as well be the motto for Geminis (born May 21 - June 20). Creative, sociable, and indecisive, there’s a whole bunch of flavors (or personalities) to choose from, and you never really know what you are going to get — all reasons Sour Patch Kids and Geminis are definitely #twinning.

Cancer → M&Ms

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns04 CANCER

You can't go wrong with M&Ms. The chocolate candies are classic and reliable, just as good today as they were back when they were invented in the 1940s. The very structure of an M&M, with its hard candy shell, and soft sweet interior, is unmistakably Cancerian. Cancers (born June 21 - July 22) are drawn to chocolate treats and they won't think twice about taking the last pack from the bowl. On the flip side, Cancers are super generous, so if you play your cards right, they'll probably be willing to share. 

Leo → Starburst

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns05 LEO

Tangy and colorful, there's nothing dull about Starbursts. They command your attention with their juicy, bright, sweet features, just like your favorite Leo (born July 23 - August 22). Don't even get me started on the pink Starburst stealing the show in the flavor ranking. Star is even in the name for the sweet treat, making it even more fitting for your favorite lion. Don’t count on them sharing that bag though; Leos can be a little possessive. 

Virgo → Candy Corn

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns06 VIRGO

Virgos (born August 23 - September 22) always understand the assignment. They strive for well-being, are very practical, and have strong critical thinking skills. So when it comes to Halloween, it only makes sense for them to be all wrapped up in candy corn. Sure, it may not be the best tasting candy in the mix, but its seasonality makes it an appropriate, functional, sugary treat. And it's at least trying to be related to a vegetable in some way, right?

Libra → Twix

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns07 LIBRA

The best part about a Twix bar? There are two of them in a pack! They try to keep the peace, and are willing to share, but decadent Libra (born September 23 - October 22) would honestly rather save both bars for themselves. They thrive on balance, symmetry, and harmony, so having two chocolate bars is part of their ideal chocolate bar experience — that is, until you have to choose which one to eat first. As the head of the club of indecisiveness, you might be here for a while. 

Scorpio → Almond Joy

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns08 SCORPIO

At the end of every Halloween season, there is inevitably a leftover pile of less desirable candies, like those weird black and orange wrapped hard candies — and of course, Almond Joys. Determined Scorpio (born October 23 - November 21) is absolutely going to finish off that candy pile, and knows that's where the candy jackpot really lies, because this is a stash full of chocolate, almonds, and shredded coconut — a combo that’s totally underrated. Throw down your best options, and Scorpios might let you in on the secret of Almond Joy goodness through a candy trade, but they aren't sharing from their stash any time soon. 

Sagittarius → Skittles

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns09 SAGGITARIUS

There's no lack of joy when it comes to Sagittarius (born November 22 - December 21), so that's why Skittles are the perfect fit. They radiate happiness, bring sunshine into any room, and have an open mind —  although we're still on the fence about the whole Tropical Skittles thing. Sagittarius loves to spice things up and speak their mind whenever they see fit. Sometimes it works out, and other times you end up with a big bag of Sour Skittles.

Capricorn → Tootsie Pops

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns10 CAPRICORN

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop? Ask ambitious Capricorn (born December 22 - January 19) this age-old question about the classic treat, because they’ve tried it firsthand, and will have an exact and detailed answer. Capricorns are practical, meticulous and value a strong work ethic, so no there's no way they're cheating with a few bites of the infamous lollipop. Don't believe me? Just ask a Capricorn and prove the theory for yourself. 

Aquarius → Nerds

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns11 AQUARIUS

Nerds might not the first Halloween candy at the top of the list, but you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who's not a fan — that’s what makes them a perfect match for Aquarius (born January 20 - February 18). While they don't have the mega popularity of Reese's cups, they aren't in the throw-away pile either with that weird pack of raisins you got from your annoyingly healthy neighbor. Like any good Aquarius, Nerds forge their own path. Plus, they're super innovative! I mean, whoever thought to take Nerds and combine them with a gummy rope is true genius. 

Pisces → Take Five

Article Halloween ZodiacSigns12 PISCES

Pisces (born February 19 - March 20) have a lot going on. They're sweet, salty, and emotionally mature — just like a Take 5. Ever the imaginative dreamer, Pisces can be a little all over the place, and prone to forgetting about things like a candy bar left at the bottom of a bag on a hot day. Just like that melted chocolate, Pisces might be a little messy, but they’ll always be there for you at the end of the day. 

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