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11 Recipes from the Wizarding World to Celebrate Harry Potter Day

Feast on all your favorite dishes from the Great Hall and beyond. Accio, deliciousness!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


It’s time to head to the Great Hall for a feast of food from the wizarding world! What's on the menu for this year's celebration for Harry Potter Day on May 2? The classics, of course! From pumpkin juice and steak and kidney pie to cornish pasties and treacle tarts, you're sure to walk away from the feast with a very full belly. 

Pumpkin Pasties


A Few Shortcuts

Pumpkin pasties are the go-to treat from the trolley on the Hogwarts Express. In fact, the sweet little pastries are the first real wizarding food Harry tries out during his first trip to Hogwarts. The pastries are basically like bite-sized versions of pumpkin pie. See how you can recreate the mini treats and check out the recipe over on A Few Shortcuts.

House Elf Beef & Dumpling Stew

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The Starving Chef

Kreacher might not be the friendliest of house elves, but he is easily one of the best cooks. While he initially isn't the biggest fan of Harry, he still treats him well with lots of comfort food to keep him going during his stay at 12 Grimmauld Place. Experience one of his homey meals yourself and recreate one of his signature dishes of beef and dumpling stew. The dish was enough to lift Harry's spirits after a mind encounter with Voldemort, so it must be pretty good. 

Cornish Pasties


What Corinne Did

It doesn't seem to matter what house you're in — from Gryffindor to Hufflepuff, cornish pasties are a student favorite all around. The savory pastries are always making appearances in the Great Hall and are a staple at Hogwarts feasts. Try them out for yourself and see if they live up to the hype. Find the full recipe on What Corinne Did

Pumpkin Juice


The Natural Nurturer

Next to butterbeer, pumpkin juice has to be one of the more popular drinks in the wizarding world. But what is it actually? The drink is pretty much like fall all wrapped up in a cup. It is swimming with deep spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg and can be served warm or cold. Serve up a batch for yourself and get the recipe over on The Natural Nurturer.

Harry Potter's Birthday Cake

harry potter birthday cake

Icing on the Bake

I think we can all agree that it's the thought that counts when Hagrid makes Harry a cake for his birthday. The cake might not win the prize for the most beautiful, but it is easily the most thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for Harry on his birthday. Swing over to Icing on the Bake to see how you can recreate the iconic cake from the movie — spelling mistakes and all. 

Golden Snitch Peanut Butter Balls


Fun Money Mom

Forget about catching the golden snitch — these peanut butter golden snitches will be flying right into your mouth. The little truffle balls are made by mixing peanut butter, powdered sugar, and butter and are finished off with a chocolate coating. Just think how much happier Harry would have been during his first Quidditch match if he swallowed this version of the golden snitch instead of the real one!

Sorting Hat Cupcakes


Housewife Eclectic

Give the sorting hat a small break and take a chance on this untraditional method to get sorted into your Hogwarts house. To find out what house you belong in, all you have to do is take a big bite out of one of these cupcakes. The cupcakes are filled with M&Ms to match the house colors and will come pouring out after one bite. This method definitely isn't as accurate as the sorting hat, but it is much tastier!

Steak and Kidney Pie

Great Hall Feast

Food In Literature

If you've read the full Harry Potter series and watched all of the films, you've probably noticed how often steak and kidney pie makes an appearance during the feast scenes in the Great Hall. The traditional British dish is rather old-fashioned and can be traced back to the 19th century. If you're up for an eating adventure — there's a real beef kidney on the ingredient list — and want to know what the dish from the wizarding world tastes like, definitely give it a shot. 

Treacle Tart


The Unlikely Baker

There are so many tasty desserts in the wizarding world it seems like it would be hard to pick a favorite one. For Harry, however, he has no problem choosing a favorite sweet treat. His pick? The Treacle Tart. The traditional British dessert is made by combining golden syrup, breadcrumbs, and lemon. To finish it off, it gets topped with a heaping scoop of ice cream or whipped cream. Recreate it yourself and see if it makes your list of favorites.

Hagrid's Rock Cakes

rock-cake copy

Where Is My Spoon

Hagrid's rock cakes don't get the best reviews from Harry and the crew. Remember the time Harry bit into one and almost lost a tooth? Luckily, this recipe from Where Is My Spoon reimagines the cakes in a super soft and crumbly way. The cakes get their signature look from the addition of dried fruit. This recipe calls for prunes and apricots, but feel free to switch it up and add in whatever dried fruit you’d like. 

Butterbeer Cookies


Cupcake Diaries

With all of the magical ideas in the Harry Potter universe, I'm surprised that no one thought to put butterbeer into cookies. The sweet butterscotch-like flavor would pretty much make any dessert ten times better. Luckily, here in the muggle universe, Cupcake Diaries was smart enough to give it a try. Make a batch and judge it for yourself to see if the cookies are just as good as the infamous drink.