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9 Campfire Treats Beyond S'mores

If there's anything better than sweet, melty s'mores cooked over a campfire ... this list has it.

Erica Silverstein


Fresh Off the Grid

Families, it’s time to up your campfire game. Sure, s’mores are ooey gooey yum, but they aren’t the only sweet treat that tastes better around a hunka burning logs. Pull up your camp chair, grab a pair of skewers and a roll of foil, and prepare to be amazed by the calorific concoctions of some creative camp chefs.

1. Campfire Brownies (a.k.a. Baking in an Orange)

Vegetarian Mamma

When you bake around a campfire, you need to think outside the baking dish. Why schlep an 8x8 pan when you can bake in an orange? That’s right, if you hollow out an orange, you can stuff it full of cake mix or brownie batter and cook it in the coals. All your favorite boxed mixes will do, but Vegetarian Mamma recommends her favorite allergen-free brownie mix along with her baking-in-an-orange instructions.

2. Campfire Cones


Princess Pinky Girl

So you love melted chocolate, but s’mores make a sticky mess. Corral the candy into an ice cream cone, and you’ve got an edible container for your campfire treats. Princess Pinky Girl stuffs her campfire cones with berries, an assortment of chocolate candy, mini marshmallows and caramel sauce. A few foil-wrapped minutes in the fire, and you’ll be saying, “S’more who?”

3. Dutch Oven Cobbler


Fresh Off the Grid

Camp with a Dutch oven, and you infinitely expand your universe of campfire treats. Fruit lovers will want to indulge in a campfire cobbler. Who can resist bubbling hot fruit layered under a sugary biscuit topping? Novice camp chefs can try Adventures of Mel’s two-ingredient blueberry cobbler for easy prep, while advanced bakers can delight their tentmates with Fresh Off the Grid’s dutch oven apple cobbler from scratch.

4. Rice Krispie Trail Mix Bars


Dinner Then Dessert

Not every campfire treat needs to be cooked in the embers. If you’d rather bake at home and pack treats to go, Dinner Then Dessert’s Rice Krispie trail mix bars are an ideal campout snack. Elevate the traditional rice cereal bar with trail mix ingredients: M&Ms or chocolate chips, raisins, peanuts, and pretzel pieces. The sturdy bars will hold up in your backpack on day hikes or pair nicely with a bonfire and hot chocolate in tin cups.

5. Banana Boats


Country Cleaver

Like campfire cones, banana boats are alliterative s’mores alternatives, and like campfire brownies, you bake your treat in a fruit. With these campfire treats, you make your banana do the splits, then fill the middle with your choice of marshmallows and chocolate (chips, Hershey’s, mini peanut butter cups, etc.). Wrap the loaded banana in foil and send it to the fiery sauna like some bizarre spa treatment. Once the chocolate is melted, you can top it with graham cracker crumbles or berries and dig in.

6. Dutch Oven Dump Cake


Let's Camp S'More

Dump cake is a terrible name for a terrific treat. These simple cakes are made by dumping fruit pie filling, cake mix and lemon-lime soda into a Dutch oven and cooking over a fire until done. The result can be cobbler-esque with a fluffy top and a fruity bottom. Try this cherry-chocolate lava cake version or this apple dump cake recipe.

7. Trail Mix Muddy Buddies


I Heart Naptime

Muddy buddies take trail mix to the next level. You can make your sweet-and-salty treats at home, then pack individual bags for your campout. If you’re not on a first-name basis, muddy buddies dowse Chex cereal with melted chocolate and peanut butter. Combine them with your favorite trail mix ingredients — M&Ms, chocolate or peanut butter chips, nuts, and dried fruit — and crunch away while you sing “Kumbaya” around the campfire.

8. S’mores Nachos


Let's Camp S'More

By now you know that you don’t need skewers to roast s’mores. This variation from Let’s Camp S’More gives s’mores the nacho treatment. Throw your favorite s’mores ingredients in a tinfoil baking pan or cast iron skillet, then use the graham crackers like tortilla chips to carefully scoop out gobs of chocolatey marshmallows. Be careful not to burn your fingers! Or, ditch the recipe and go rogue with a s’mores bar. Alternative ingredients could be pretzel chips, PB&J, caramel, butterscotch or peanut butter chips, even sprinkles.

9. Cinnamon Rolls on a Stick


Inspiration Made Simple

You can skewer more than marshmallows — or your little brother. (Oops!) Have you considered cinnamon rolls? Yes, whether for an after-dinner or breakfast treat, you can cook cinnamon rolls over an open fire. Unwind the store-bought cinnamon rolls in a tube and then coil the dough tightly around your stick or metal skewer. When your twisty roll is brown on all sides, bring on the icing. This might be your new favorite campfire treat.