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10 Super Hot Birthday Cake Ideas for Your August Birthday

Try one of these melt-in-your-mouth birthday cakes for your August birthday party!

Erica Silverstein

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Don’t try to play it cool: It’s August, it’s your birthday, and it’s gonna be one HOT summer party! That means you need a smokin’ cake for the centerpiece of all the celebratory action. We’re stoked for summer birthday cake themes like watermelon, creamsicles, and s’mores, but you might be hot for breakfast-themed desserts or Kool-Aid creations. If you’re looking for inspiration, get all fired up with these 10 super hot birthday cake ideas for your August birthday. 

1. Watermelon Cake


Cakes by Lynz

Watermelon is the unofficial fruit of summer — it even has its own holiday, National Watermelon Day, on August 3. Lovers of the red juicy fruit can celebrate their August birthday with a vanilla sponge cake colored and decorated to look like a watermelon. Serve with slices of the real thing, because no party is complete without a seed spitting contest.

2. S’mores Cake


Life, Love, and Sugar

If you can’t get enough of roasting marshmallows over a campfire, have s’more at your birthday celebration with a s’mores-inspired cake. Rich chocolate cake pairs with toasted marshmallow buttercream frosting and graham cracker crumbs between the layers. Drizzle the whole shebang with chocolate ganache, which is meltier and tastier than the Hershey bars you take camping.

3. Pirate Cake


Rose Bakes

Yo ho ho! August is Pirate Month, so all ye scallywags with birthdays will want to hoist the skull and crossbones o’er yer birthday cake. Choose a dessert shaped like the Jolly Roger or go for a bounty of cake tiers topped with pirate loot, like a cutlass, doubloons, and an eye patch. You’ve never heard yer mateys sing that birthday chantey so quickly, so they can plunder that cake for all its sweet, sweet treasure.

4. Kool-Aid Ombre Cake


Family Spice

Fun fact: Kool-Aid has been a beloved and refreshing fruit drink since the 1920s, and is coming up on its three-digit birthday. If you like a cool cup on a hot day, you should know that water isn’t the only treat Kool-Aid can color and flavor to: Add your favorite Kool-Aid powder or drops to a vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream to create a fancy ombre tiered cake with a fruity kick. Can’t decide? Family Spice recommends blue raspberry for vibrant color and a sweet-and-sour flavor. Oh, yeah!

5. Melting Ice Cream Cake


Cakes by Lynz

One of the saddest sights of summer is an overturned ice cream cone melting on the sidewalk. Turn that teary moment into a funny one when you re-create it on top of your birthday cake. No real ice cream is harmed in the making of this dessert — the “ice cream” is a frosted cake ball topped with a cone. Create the impression of ice cream melting with a ganache drizzle over the top and sides of your cake.

6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake


Sugar and Sparrow

Every kid should get their day in the sun — and so should every cookie. National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day is August 4, so we recommend this milk-and-cookies cake for your August birthday. It’s a chocolate chip cookie-flavored cake with actual cookies on top and cookie crumbs on the sides for ultimate chippyness. The vanilla buttercream plays the role of a tall glass of milk, down to the frosting mustache you’ll sport once you dig in.

7. Diary of a Birthday Kid Cake

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Eve's Cakes via Instagram

August is the month for National Book Lovers Day, whether you’re reading by the pool, in your treehouse, or with a flashlight in your tent. Invite your favorite characters to your birthday soiree with a cake decorated to look like a book cover. We’ve seen everything from Harry Potter to fairy tales, but we giggled over this Diary of a Birthday Kid cake. Now that’s one delicious story.

8. Creamsicle Cake


Cake Whiz

Do you politely refuse popsicles, frown over fudgesicles, and eyeroll at ice cream cones because your heart belongs to the creamsicle? If that tangy mix of vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet is your idea of summer heaven, make it the centerpiece of your birthday feast. This cake layers orange-flavored cake with cream cheese frosting to re-create that creamy and citrusy flavor profile in baked form.

9. Clown Cake

Clowns — you either love ‘em or you run screaming in fear from ‘em. Circus fans with birthdays on National Clown Day (August 7) will laugh with glee when this cute clown cake makes an appearance under your Big Top. Add some rainbow-colored cupcakes to your three-ring circus spread to satisfy your friends who’d rather tame a lion than interact with a white-faced, red-nosed comedian.

10. Waffle Cake

Breakfast, we often say, is the best meal of the day. If you’re in that camp, you don’t have to choose between a Belgian waffle feast and a birthday cake. It’s your special day, so have it all with a cake made from thick, fluffy waffles. Pour cake batter in your iron, layer the chocolatey waffles with three flavors of ice cream, and top it all with berries and hot fudge. Just ask your parents before you start making this for breakfast every morning.

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