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Make Your Favorite Ballpark Foods at Home With These Recipes

Welcome back, baseball! Nosh on DIY corndogs, peanuts, crackerjack, and pretzels while you root-root-root for the home team.

Erica Silverstein · 6 months ago

  • cooking

Take me out to the ball game, and buy me some peanuts and cracker jack! Admit it — you go to the ballpark as much for the food as for the baseball game. But sometimes you can’t get out to a Major League stadium, and they don’t sell brats and dogs at Little League.

Bring the baseball game food home with these eight recipes for classic ballpark food. We figure you don’t need help grilling up a burger, but these iconic snacks are sure to be a homerun hit with the family.

1. Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack

The Brown Eyed Baker

Even without a prize inside, Cracker Jack remains the ultimate baseball snack. Dentists shudder at the sticky-sweet blend of popcorn and peanuts coated with caramel, but the crunchy munchies really get you through those long innings. The Brown Eyed Baker shows you how to make your own at home. Let mom or dad handle the caramel; it’s the only tricky part.

2. Ballpark Peanuts

Ballpark Peanuts


Peanuts have been a ballpark favorite since the turn of the last century. They’re cheap, energizing, and the perfect size for nervously eating one by one as you wait to see if the batter is going to strike out or hit the game-winning run. If you like ‘em spicy, try these red hot ballpark peanuts by Palatable Pastime. Just don’t throw the shells on the floor, or the ump — that is, Mom — will throw you out.

3. Soft Pretzels

pretzels 4

Karen's Kitchen Stories

Soft pretzels sprinkled with thick salt and doused in mustard are tastiest when eaten outdoors, held by a waxy piece of paper. We give you permission to boil up a batch and eat them in your kitchen if you must. But we’re pretty sure they’ll taste even better if you walk them outside and take a big bite of doughy goodness while watching the neighborhood kids toss a ball around.

4. Ballpark Nachos

Ballpark Nachos

Ambs Loves Food

Real ballpark nachos are often stale round tortillas topped with chemical-laden “cheese” sauce from a pump. If you’re lucky, you might get some actual meat or jalapenos thrown on top. If Opening Day has you craving Tex-Mex, up your snack game and make yourself some better-than-ballpark beef nachos with this recipe using real ingredients.

5. Corn Dogs

Corn Dogs

Confetti and Bliss

Hot dogs, brats, and sausages are stadium staples, and the toppings vary from team to team. We figure you know how to cook those. But some ballpark vendors take their inspiration from the oil vats of state fairs and churn out everyone’s favorite meal on a stick: Corn dogs! You can make a homemade version with this corn dog recipe from Confetti & Bliss. Kids, stand back and let your parents do the frying — this one is not for rookie chefs.

6. Garlic Fries

Garlic Fries

Dinner Then Dessert

The San Francisco Giants are known for their long-time rivalry with the Dodgers, Barry Bond’s splash hits into McCovey Cove — and garlic fries. You don’t need to travel to Oracle Park to enjoy these spicy treats that would knock the socks off any vampire. Fry up a batch at home with this recipe from Dinner Then Dessert; they pair nicely with a loaded hot dog and your favorite flavor slushy.

7. Baseball Hat Ice Cream and Dole Whip

Soft Serve Ice Cream


It’s not a ball game without soft-serve ice cream in a plastic baseball cap cup. Why not offer the same to the Little Leaguers in the family when they come home tired and sweaty from play? Order the plastic helmets with your team’s logo, and then make a batch of ice cream — with or without a machine. Disney-favorite Dole Whip is also an excellent choice for recreating ballpark sweet treats at home.

8. Churro Dogs

churro dog

Arizona Diamondbacks, via Twitter

If that line drive your outfielder nearly missed didn’t give you a heart attack, a Diamondbacks-style churro dog definitely will. The geniuses at the Arizona stadium concocted the ultimate artery-clogging ballpark treat — a glazed donut “bun” with a churro instead of a hot dog, topped with a fro-yo sundae as the creamy condiment. Give your deep fryer a workout and make homemade churro dogs. It’s the kind of sugar rush only the boys of summer could love.