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15 Best Cocoa Bomb And Hot Chocolate Gifts For Winter Lovers

What goes together better than cold winter days and hot cocoa? No idea.

Erica Silverstein

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What goes together better than cold winter days and hot cocoa? No idea. Chocolate lovers rejoice as temperatures plummet because it’s time to bring out the oversized mugs, the teeny marshmallows, and their favorite hot cocoa mix or recipe. This year, the cocoa bomb — a new incarnation of your family’s favorite winter beverage — is going viral, with chocolatey goodness in a warm milky bath exploding all over your social media feeds.

Whether you’re looking for a perfect holiday gift or want to spice up your snow day, we recommend these top cocoa bomb and hot chocolate buys.

1. Hot Chocolate Bombs

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Cocoa Bomber

Etsy artists and local chocolatiers everywhere have jumped on the cocoa bomb craze this year. The bombs are hollow chocolate balls filled with cocoa mix and marshmallows. Pour hot milk over your bomb, and as it melts, it will explode hot chocolate into your mug. Kids will be delighted, your Instagram and TikTok fans will adore you, and your financial planner will be shaking his head over how much you just spent on one non-alcoholic beverage.

2. Hot Cocoa Baby Yoda

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What is more adorable in a gift bag than a cocoa bomb molded to look like Baby Yoda? Galerie knows that no one can resist a tiny little creature peeking out of a cocoa bomb. Too bad Grogu is so cute because you’re about to melt him Wicked Witch style in a vat of steaming milk.

3. Swiss Miss Fun Bundle


Swiss Miss

Once upon a time, the Swiss Miss left her modest mountain home in search of adventure. She traveled to Ireland, over-indulged on some magic marshmallows, and started seeing leprechauns and crazy-haired unicorns everywhere. Inspired by this trip, she came home to peddle hot chocolate packs tricked out with Lucky Charms and pastel-colored mini-marshmallows. The kids love them!

4. Godiva Holiday Cocoa Mug Gift Set

Godiva Holiday Cocoa Mug Gift Set


For your family members with expensive tastes, a Godiva hot chocolate gift set is the perfect gift. When the fancy cocoa mix is gone, they can still drink chic with the logo mug — even if it’s filled with Hershey’s!

5. Taza Chocolate Variety Pack

Taza Chocolate Variety Pack

Taza Chocolate

We love the cinnamon-y taste of Mexican hot chocolate, and if your family or friends do too, this organic sample pack from Taza makes a wonderful gift. Go nuts over the salted almond (40% chocolate) or dare the super dark (85% chocolate). Even better, Taza trades directly with cacao growers in Mexico and pays above the Fair Trade rate for the beans.

6. Gourmet Chocolate Stirrers

Melville Candy Store

Melville Candy Store

A snowy day tea party is not complete without a few gourmet touches that evoke tea at the Ritz. Your generic cocoa mix goes five-star when you introduce mini-marshmallow chocolate stirrers. Kids will love the extra sugar jolt; parents can enjoy a chocolatey addition to their morning coffee.

7. Castle Kitchen Natural Hot Chocolate Mix

Castle Kitchen Natural Hot Chocolate Mix

Castle Kitchen

Give me your vegan, your Celiac, your allergic friend yearning to eat nut-free — and I will give them these all-natural, non-GMO hot chocolate mixes, so they are not left out of the chocolate drinking fun. With mouth-watering flavors like caramel dark chocolate and marvelous mint, no one will miss the artificial ingredients one bit.

8. Hot Chocolate Spoons

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Everything is more fun on a stick — even hot chocolate! These toffee and salted caramel-flavored chocolate spoons make great stocking stuffers or teacher gifts, and the individually wrapped treats are labeled with holiday greetings.

9. Hot Chocolate Drops

Hot Chocolate Drops


Let’s see — we’ve got powder, bombs, spoons, and stirrers. How else can one turn solid cocoa into a creamy beverage? How about drops! These drops of 100% pure Belgian hot chocolate turn your steaming mug of milk into a luxurious chocolate drink. And it’s perfectly OK to snack on a few when no one is looking.

10. Peppermint And Milk Chocolate Candy Spoons

Holiday Varieties Spoons

Holiday Varieties

Melting in your milk (not in your hands), these peppermint and milk chocolate candy spoons help to enrich your cocoa or coffee with extra flavor. Yet another fun way to surprise the family with a hot chocolate level-up.

11. Amara Hot Chocolate

Amara Hot Chocolate


This award-winning drinking chocolate (nope, we had no idea there were awards for that, but we’re signing up to judge next year) is a media darling. It promises time-traveling powers, taking you back to 18th-century Venezuela and its Spanish chocolate-drinking traditions. Connoisseurs praise its dark-red full body and fruity aroma; either that or Amazon confused its write-up with that of a Spanish wine. We’re not sure we understand — but we definitely want to taste this nectar of the hot chocolate gods.

12. The Mug With a Hoop

The Mug With a Hoop

MAX'IS Creations

Yeah, yeah, we know that no one really needs another mug. But who can resist a basketball-shaped mug with a hoop for slam-dunking mini-marshmallows? Surely, there’s a teen or new apartment-dweller on your list looking for a more grownup way to play with their food.

13. Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate

Lake Champlain Spicy Aztec Hot Chocolate

Lake Champlain

You might not know it but chilis and chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly — but with more of a kick. Lake Champlain Chocolates offers several flavors of cocoa mix, but go for this bold flavor if your family likes things spicy.

14. Mug Cakes: Chocolate Cookbook

Hardie Grant Books

Hardie Grant Books

What if your mug contained not a chocolate drink, but an entire cake?! If the world has not introduced you to the concept of mug cakes, this winter is the time to embrace the trend. This cookbook will teach you how to bake multi-flavor cakes, some with surprise fillings, in just two minutes in the microwave.

15. DIY Cocoa Bombs

Callebaut 811


Cocoa bombs don’t come cheap, so if you’re going to spend the money, you might as well make an afternoon craft project out of it. There are many recipes online for homemade cake bombs that will amaze your family and make you the star of your gift exchange. You’ll need good quality chocolate and a silicone sphere mold to make the casing, your favorite cocoa mix and mini-marshmallows to go inside, and sprinkles for decoration. It’s a bit of an undertaking, but you’ve got all winter break to perfect your creations, and an entire family of critics and taste testers at your service.