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Make BIG Food!

Try these recipes as a family for a colossal cupcake, an extra-big pretzel, and an epic pizza slice — all super tasty, and surprisingly easy!

Charity Mathews

Giant Pizza 5-12-22 204

Yes, this photo shows a slice of pizza the size of a child's entire head: Dream goal, achieved! An extra-huge party — like the one happening at CAMP with Disney's Mickey & Friends — calls for some extra-huge treats. Learn how to make ENORMOUS versions of tasty, kid-pleasing favorite recipes!

Make BIG Pizza!

What if you and the kids could make a pizza slice the size of a whole pizza pie? Perhaps one of the most tantalizing questions ever asked. But you don't have to wonder — here's exactly how to do it!

Make a GIANT Cupcake!

What if you and the little ones could make a cupcake the size of a beach ball? Or ... well, the size of a whole cake? Who could dare to dream such an impossible dream? Answer: You. And whoever helps you bake and eat this enormous dream come true.

Make an ENORMOUS Pretzel!

What if you and your kids could make a pretzel the size of your whole face? A question as old as time, pondered by the ancient philosophers and passed down through the ages. Fortunately for you, the recipe for the answer to life's greatest question is right here! And it's covered in melted butter.

Get Fueled Up for an EXTRA-BIG Adventure at CAMP!

Mickey Hero Mobile

Mickey Hero Mobile

Disney and CAMP’s outrageously oversized adventure is here! Get tickets today for the big, big, BIG event!