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10 Spring-tastic Birthday Cake Ideas for April Birthdays

Delicious ways to celebrate spring rainbows, colorful jelly beans, and baseball's opening day on YOUR big day, April birthday kid!

Erica Silverstein


No April foolin’ — we found some sweet cake ideas for all the April birthday kids. Express your personality through buttercream and fondant, whether you go (pea)nuts for baseball’s opening games or prefer the whimsy of National Unicorn Day. Or, shower your baked goods with seasonal flavors, including pretzels, jelly beans, and milk tea. With cakes this fun, no one will be able to rain on your birthday parade.

1. Rainbow Cake


Rose Bakes

All those April showers lead to beautiful rainbows, so it’s fitting that National Find a Rainbow Day is in April. Even better, you’ve got plenty of ways to find a rainbow in your birthday cake. We love this ruffled frosting look, but you can go technicolor with a palette of food dye for your white cake or with assorted toppings from colorful candy to fruit rainbows and even cereal.

2. Baseball Cake

April birthday cake ideas

A Little Cake

You’ll be on deck for a major league celebration when you sport a baseball-themed cake at your party. In honor of Opening Day and your love of the game, you can score big with a cake decorated with balls, bats, and gloves — or perhaps one shaped like a baseball diamond. Any flavor cake will do (do they make crackerjack cake?) for this grand birthday slam.

3. Unicorn Cake

April birthday cake ideas

Sugar Geek Show

Yes, Virginia, there is a National Unicorn Day and it falls on April 9. Celebrate with a magical unicorn cake, complete with jewel-toned horn, mane and confetti sprinkles. What you can’t see are layers of chocolate cake and vanilla cake dyed hot pink to make sure your birthday treat tastes as fantastic as it looks.

4. Superhero Cake


Decorated Treats

Look! Up on the table! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a … superhero cake! Our spidey senses detect some Marvel and DC Comic fans celebrating their birthdays in April (or National Superhero Day on April 28). Show your support for the Justice League or the Avengers with a cake decorated with your favorite hero’s colors and symbols like this one. Procrasti-bakers can simply slap some action figures on top of any store-bought cake. If you’ve got a one year old with amazing destructive powers, a mini-superhero cake makes for an incredible Hulk smash. Holy toddler, Batman!

5. Mermaid Cake


Courtney's Sweets

Fairytale writer Hans Christian Anderson — known for “Thumbelina” and “The Ugly Duckling” — is a fellow Aries, born on April 2. In honor of his classic tale turned Disney mega-hit, “The Little Mermaid,” consider a mermaid cake for your April birthday. This gorgeous cake combines sea foam-colored frosting with chocolate shell and mermaid tail decorations. Grab a dinglehopper (we mean, fork) and dig in!

6. Jelly Bean Cake


A Subtle Revelry

Fun fact: Ye olde jelly bean has long been an American treat, and candy-maker William Schrafft encouraged his customers to send jelly beans to the front lines to raise the spirits of Civil War soldiers. If you’re a fan, use these colorful goodies to decorate your special jelly bean birthday cake. Go crazy with geometric patterns, or line them up in rows like this colorful cake.

7. Salted Caramel Pretzel Cake


Hunger Thirst Play

Salty snack fans unite! April 26 is National Pretzel Day, and the crunchy munchies are ideal party food. But why leave them to languish unadorned in a plastic bowl? Give the twisty treats a place of honor on your salted caramel pretzel cake. This recipe combines layers of chocolate cake with a filling of milk chocolate frosting, salted caramel, and pretzel pieces. With more chocolate buttercream, caramel, and pretzels on the outside, your birthday centerpiece will achieve the pinnacle of sweet-and-salty awesomeness.

8. Campfire Cake


Country Cleaver

The snow is gone, the wildflowers are blooming — April is the month to pack your tent and head into nature for a camping adventure. If you’d rather be partying in the woods, bring the outdoors inside with a campfire birthday cake. The campfire is actually Pirouline cookie logs and a fondant fire (until your candles add the real flames), surrounded by chocolate bark. Serve with a side of s’mores.

9. Circus Animal Cookie Cake


Life, Love, and Sugar

Some birthday parties feel like a circus, so why not embrace the theme with a circus animal cookie cake. The sweet cousins of animal crackers, these bite-sized cookies are coated with pink and white frosting and dotted with sprinkles. The cake version is covered with pink chocolate ganache and white chocolate buttercream, nonpareil sprinkles, and the animal cookies; inside, alternating layers of pink and white vanilla cake are held together with a filling made from crushed and crumbled cookies. It’s a pastel sugar rush, for sure.

10. Boba Milk Tea Cake


The Little Epicurean

Does your family skip Starbucks for Taiwanese cafes, where you can order bubble tea and slurp down tapioca pearls in sweet, flavored tea? If so, you might be interested in a one-of-a-kind boba milk tea birthday cake. The cake and frosting are milk tea-flavored, and the cake is topped with brown sugar tapioca pearls. Save this one for April 30 when you celebrate National Bubble Tea Day, as invented by NYC’s Kung Fu Tea.

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