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10 Jubilant Birthday Cake Ideas For June Birthdays

There's so much to celebrate in June — including you, June birthday kid! These cakes bring a big burst of fun and flavor to your June birthday celebration.

Erica Silverstein · 8 months ago


June is the most jubilant of months. School’s out! Summer’s here! It’s your birthday! Your cake should bring an equally big blast of joy. Go for big flavor with luscious strawberry or decadent rocky road desserts. Make a statement with decorations that show off your favorite thing, be that dinosaurs or Donald Duck. Bring on all the exclamation points with our top 10 birthday cake ideas for June birthdays!

1. Tool Box Cake


Cake Whiz

When your birthday kid is a fix-it whiz, fix them up a toolbox-themed cake. Skip the party clothes, and don your hard hats and tool belts when it’s time to blow out the candles. Cake Whiz’s adorable gum paste mini-tools will wow your handykid, but you might want to substitute chocolate cake for the Guinness-flavored one this recipe calls for.

2. Strawberry Cake


Sugar and Sparrow

Summer fruits are in season, which means lots of berry-colored smiles and pink-stained fingers. Save some of those luscious strawberries for the ultimate pink birthday cake. (Did you know that June 23 is National Pink Day?) Sugar and Sparrow’s berrylicious cake incorporates fresh strawberries into the cake and freeze-dried berries into the buttercream, for a berry blast that’ll have you begging for seconds.

3. Dinosaur Cake


Rose Bakes

June kicks off with International Dinosaur Day, perfect for all the Gemini obsessed with prehistoric creatures. After your party guests dig for fossils in the sandbox and play “pin the horn on the triceratops,” feed those hungry omnivores an adorable dino-themed cake. Dippy the Diplodocus is way too cute to eat, so you might want to have Rose Bakes’ dino cupcakes on hand to eat too.

4. Donut Hole Cheesecake

Chocolate Donut Cheesecake6

Life Love and Sugar

Birthday kids should never have to make tough decisions, such as whether to celebrate with cake or donuts. They should have both! Life Love and Sugar makes that possible with a chocolate donut hole cheesecake. Creamy chocolate cheesecake sits atop an Oreo cookie crust and hides close to a dozen donut holes inside, with even more bite-sized dough balls piled on top.

5. Kitty Cat Cake


Coco Cakeland

This adorable kitty birthday cake is inspired by your new favorite June holiday, National Hug Your Cat Day. If you love your feline friends (possibly more than your human ones), give them a cuddle and theme your birthday festivities in their honor. Coco Cake Land decorates her buttercream kitty with a flower crown, the perfect accessory for your spring festivities. For party activities, we recommend laser pointer tag and silly string chasing.

6. Red Velvet Cake


Southern Bite

Red velvet cake is for birthday kids who like a bold color but a gentle flavor. Flavored with cocoa, Southern Bite’s cake is just chocolatey enough, and the real wow is in the rich cream cheese frosting dotted with toasted pecans. Drooling yet?

7. Sushi Cake


Cake Whiz

Are you obsessed with sushi? Trick your party guests with birthday cakes that look like sushi rolls. Cake Whiz cleverly takes pound cake, wraps it in a strip of black fondant (or try green fruit rollups) and tops it with shredded coconut for rice and candy corn to emulate the fishy center. Serve it up with green tea ice cream for added Japanese flair.

8. Vanilla Malt Cake

cake malt main 1.jpeg

Hungry Rabbit

Bold chocolate hogs all the attention; strawberry lures admirers with her freshness and color, but it's the vanilla for me. Those little beans can pack a punch, and partner well with flavors that bring out their best, like creamy milk and malt. If your birthday falls during the same month as National Vanilla Milkshake Day (June 20), take cake inspiration from the classic malt shop drink. The vanilla purist will love Hungry Rabbit’s white-on-white vanilla malted milk cake, while your wild child might prefer Not Quite Nigella’s vanilla malt layer cake, filled with peanut butter buttercream and topped with salted caramel popcorn and white chocolate bark.

9. Donald Duck Cake


Delana's Cakes

Oh boy, oh boy! Donald Duck’s birthday is June 9, 1934, the day he first appeared in Disney’s “The Wise Little Hen.” The duck may be in his 80s, but he’s still wearing his sailor uniform and grumbling through adventures with his bestie Mickey, his darling Daisy, and a trio of rascally nephews. Stick him atop your birthday cake if you like a bit of mischievous adventure with your ragtag group of pals.

10. Rocky Road Cookie Cake

Rocky Road Cookie Cake4

Life Love and Sugar

June is the month when spring tips over into summer, and what's more summery than a gooey mix of chocolate and marshmallows? If you’re a fan of rocky road trips and campfire s’mores, consider going for full-on birthday dessert decadence with Life Love and Sugar’s rocky road cookie cake. The layers are nutty double chocolate cookies, the filling is marshmallow fluff, and the topping is a big ol’ pile of mini marshmallows, chocolate chips, and more nuts. Happy birthday to YOU!