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10 Phenomenal Birthday Cake Ideas for Your November Birthday

Some might say the Thanksgiving turkey is the most delicious thing you'll eat in November. Clearly, they've never seen your birthday cake.

Erica Silverstein


The Cake Whiz

Give thanks for decadent birthday cakes during the season of gratitude. November birthday kids can run with an autumnal theme, choosing cinnamon flavors, homages to football, and fall cake colors. Or they can share their party with famous Scorpios like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, or use up their remaining Halloween candy on an epic Candyland-inspired cake. Trust us — you'll fall hard for these phenomenal birthday cake ideas for your November birthday.

Snickerdoodle Layer Cake


Live, Love, and Sugar

November kicks off with National Cinnamon Day, and you can serve up a sweet-and-spicy celebration with a snickerdoodle cake. Life Love and Sugar turns your favorite cookie into a cinnamon-sugar-flavored cake with cookie crumbles inside and out. If it’s chilly on party day, a slice will pair nicely with a hot cup of cocoa.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake


Rose Bakes

Hot diggety dog! Mickey and Minnie Mouse were born on November 18, when “Steamboat Willie” debuted in 1928. Celebrate your birthday and theirs with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake featuring all your favorite characters plus the Mickey-shaped playhouse. You meeska mooska must eat it all up.

Candy Cake


The Cake Whiz

October birthday kids don’t have the only claim to bags full of candy. November’s Scorpios share their birth month with National Candy Day, and have full license to sugar it up on their special day. The Cake Whiz demonstrates how to load up your birthday cake with all your favorite candy by sticking M&Ms, jelly beans, and candy pieces into the frosting and covering the top with a forest of lollipops. Don’t forget to leave room for the candles.

Lemon Cake With Lemon Cream


Life, Love, and Sugar

Prefer the tart taste of lemon to teeth-aching candy? Go mellow yellow with this lemon cake layered with lemon buttercream, lemon curd, and lemon Bavarian cream. Its cheery look will brighten up any gray November day… if the pile of presents didn’t do the trick already.

Football Helmet Cake


Cakes by Lynz

November is peak football season, whether you’re glued to the TV on Sundays or out tossing the pigskin with friends. Show your love of the all-American game with a football helmet cake, like this one by Cakes By Lynz. Not only can you decorate it in your favorite team’s colors, but you can choose your game-winning cake flavor for its delicious center.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake


Liv for Cake

Who put the chocolate in your peanut butter? We think it was Liv for Cake, who knows that during Peanut Butter Lovers Month, you should make your birthday cake the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Her cake layers add a hint of peanut butter to an otherwise chocolate cake and then amp up the flavor with peanut butter frosting. Reeses are optional but definitely invited.

Fall Foliage Cake


Preppy Kitchen

If autumn is your favorite season, then a fall-inspired birthday party could be in your future. Strew your party table with colorful leaves, invite a scarecrow or two, and make the centerpiece this foliage-themed cake from Preppy Kitchen. He coats a gingersnappy spice cake with brown butter and white Swiss meringue buttercream, but you could go with your favorite cake flavor and any white frosting to create this autumnal effect.

Vanilla Cupcakes


Brown Eyed Baker

Do not dismiss vanilla cupcakes as plain Jane, or their white-on-white look as boring. They are buttery, moist, and elegant — especially when dotted with sugar pearls, as the Brown Eyed Baker does. Stand up for your favorite flavor on your birthday, and know that you don’t have to be fluorescent, spicy, or many-layered to make a lasting impression.

Princess Cake


Cakes by Lynz

You’d think princesses would declare every day as their national day, but the official Princess Day falls during November. Whether your birthday kid thinks she’s a princess or just loves all things castle-related, take inspiration from this pretty-in-pink cake for your royal birthday affair. Pink not your thing? No monarch decreed that princess parties must be awash in pastels. Follow your heart and your favorite princess icon: Cinderella rocks out in blue, Snow White digs the primary hues, and Moana loves her earth tones.

The Piecaken


Southern Mom Loves

November means Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving means pie. Birthday kids who can’t decide between apple, pumpkin, or pecan pie and a traditional cake no longer have to choose. Meet the piecaken, the dessert version of the turducken. Southern Mom Loves makes this crazy concoction with an apple pie inside a spice cake and a pecan pie inside a chocolate fudge cake, and then drenches the decadent dessert in cream cheese frosting. That, my friends, is how you celebrate a November birthday!

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