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The Blind Taste Test Game Is Tasty, Tricksy Fun

Got anything edible in the house? (Probably, right?) Then you've got the makings of a fun game the whole family can play.

Cathleen Drake Nelson

blind taste test game

Cathleen Drake Nelson

Does the orange color of orange cheddar really enhance its taste? My nine-year-old insisted it did, and her resolution was intense. There are very few foods she will eat, so when my attempts to get her to try white cheddar cheese met with fierce resistance — and unwavering loyalty to orange cheddar cheese — I knew I had to think fast. Enter the Blind Taste Test. 

I gathered supplies. I blindfolded my child. I was confident she wouldn’t be able to detect any perceptible difference between white and orange cheese. I just knew I was about to teach one of those Valuable Life Lessons we parents love teaching so much.

Reader, I was wrong. 

It turns out, as you may know, that the fact that orange cheddar is orange significantly changes the flavor, even when every single other thing about the cheese label is the same. According to my daughter, anyway.

Well, I was humbled. But we created a lasting family memory — and a fun new game we can play any time we want. This is precisely the sort of magic the Blind Taste Test can generate for your family, too. Especially if your family includes any white cheddar haters.

The Blind Taste Test Protocol is simple:

  1. 1.

    Gather something edible.

  2. 2.

    Blindfold the human subject. (Or, if you’re confident they won’t peek, have them close their eyes.)

  3. 3.

    Provide the food.

  4. 4.

    Ask for a verdict.

  5. 5.

    Remove the blindfold and reveal the food.

Do you need to compare two foods? No. 

Does the food need to be nutritious? No. 

Can your test subject invoke The Force? Absolutely. 

Can an adult be the test subject? Yes! 

Does the food need to be actual food? I can’t emphasize this enough: Yes, Yes, and Yes. 

Could this experience inspire an ode to the food you’re tasting? I mean, why not? Always be writing odes. 

Although it’s not necessary to compare foods, it’s fun, so here’s a list of Easy Foods to Compare:  

1. Orange, yellow, and purple carrots



2. Bell peppers in many colors

bell peppers

Cathleen Drake Nelson

3. Olives


Cathleen Drake Nelson

4. Dark raisins and golden raisins



5. Mint gum and cinnamon gum



6. Dark chocolate and milk chocolate



7. Cow’s milk and almond milk



8. Whole wheat bread and white bread



9. Almonds, pistachios, and cashews


Cathleen Drake Nelson

10. Green grapes and red grapes



11. Different kinds of berries



Try blind-tasting blackberries with raspberries, or strawberries with blueberries.

12. Green apples and red apples


Cathleen Drake Nelson

13. Any varieties of cheese



This game is also fun to play with just one food. Simply announce a Blind Taste Test and ask something along the lines of, “I bet you can’t guess what I have in my hand? It’s really delicious!” 

Just know that if you break your test subject’s trust, you might never get it back.  

I may never get all my credibility back — now that I was so, so wrong about orange cheese — but the Blind Taste Test will always be there to help bridge the gap between our palates and preferences, reveal superpowers of tasting we didn’t know we had, and infuse more fun into food prep.