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Extra-Delicious, Extra-Festive Cakes for December Birthdays

Birthday sweets AND holiday sweets? Lucky December kids get the best of both worlds!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Winter Wonderland Cake

Sprinkles for Breakfast

Hop on the bandwagon for the holiday season and celebrate your December birthday with the most festive cakes around! And don't worry if you're looking to separate your birthday from the holidays — we've got you covered with cookie dough cakes, cakes with llama, and cotton candy cakes, too. Either way, there will be no lack of sugar this December! 

Bûche De Noël (a.k.a. Yule Log)


Sally's Baking Addiction

Celebrate your December birthday kid and the holiday season all in one bite with a Bûche De Noël, or Yule Log cake. The traditional European Christmas dessert is like a present for your tastebuds. The "logs" are made out of a chocolate angel food cake and stuffed with loads of chocolate. Seriously, we're talking cocoa hazelnut whipped cream and a creamy chocolate ganache. What's not to like?

Baked Alaska



Does your kid ever wish they could travel back in time? Thanks to Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day (December 8), now is their chance — at least with their taste buds. Head back a few decades and serve a baked Alaska to celebrate their December bash. The retro cake takes layers of cake and ice cream and encases them in a toasted meringue shell for a blast from the past flavor combination. Who knows, they just might be the one to bring this tasty dessert out of retirement and turn it into the newest food trend. 

Giant Cinnamon Roll Cake


Sally's Baking Addiction

Get ready to dig into the biggest cinnamon roll of your life. Cinnamon rolls are basically like breakfast dessert, so it only makes sense to turn them into a cake to celebrate your kid's December birthday. To make the giant pastry, Sally's Baking Addiction modifies her traditional cinnamon roll recipe and enlarges them to be the size of the cake. It's still stuffed with loads of cinnamon and topped with vanilla icing, just like the original version. 

Christmas Present Carrot Cake

Between your kid's December birthday and the holidays, there's no shortage of presents to go around. So why not turn their birthday cake into a gift that they can't wait to unwrap! This Christmas present carrot cake lets you do just that. The cream cheese frosting transforms into smooth wrapping paper while still managing to hide all the goodness inside.

Cotton Candy Cake


Cake by Courtney

Hey, Christmas isn't the only holiday in December — did you know National Cotton Candy Day falls in December, too? (Take that, Santa!) Cake By Courtney demonstrates how to make Cotton Candy Day the number one holiday in December — besides your kid's birthday, of course — with her blue and pink cotton candy cake. In addition to the towering piles of cotton candy on top of the cake, the cake is flavored with cotton candy, ensuring every bite is light, fluffy, and super, super sugary.

Knitted Christmas Sweater-Inspired Cake

December means ugly holiday sweaters every day of the week, including one for your kid's birthday cake. While this homemade knitted sweater cake may not be all that ugly, it fits in perfectly with everybody's favorite December attire. If you're looking to stay more on-trend in the ugly department, freestyle on the design of that cake and take the ugliness into your own hands. 

Cookie Dough Cake


Sugar and Soul

They can't choose between cookies or a cake for their birthday? Let them go with both! Fulfill their sweet tooth's darkest fantasies with a cookie dough cake. The 4-layer treat features two layers of chocolate cake and two layers of edible cookie dough. And the sweets don't stop there either. The layers are then topped with chocolate ganache, chocolate frosting, and a few chocolate chip cookies — you know, just for good measure.

Gingerbread House Cake

Gingerbread houses are great for building and decorating, but when it comes time to eat them, they're not always the tastiest. Switch up that narrative for your December birthday kid, and make a gingerbread house cake that actually tastes good! Unlike stale gingerbread cookies, this cake is filled with warm winter spices, a cinnamon ginger buttercream, and finished off with a molasses buttercream. This tasty treat covers their birthday and holiday bases with just one bite. 

Llama Cake

Move over, unicorns and flamingos. Llamas are here to take the crown for the cutest animal in all of the kingdom. Give your kid's birthday an overdose of adorableness with this too-cool-for-school llama cake in honor of National Llama Day (December 9). The trendy cake uses vanilla buttercream to get the texture of the fur just right. Don't love vanilla? Go with chocolate — or really any fur flavor of their choice. It's their birthday, after all. 

Winter Wonderland Cake

Nathanson 161209 0066-Edit

Sprinkles for Breakfast

Winter lovers have an endless number of reasons to love their December birthday. With snow on the horizon, the chilly weather coming in, and the holidays right around the corner, what else could make their birthday better? This winter wonderland cake. The seasonal cake takes everything there is to love about the chilly weather and wraps it up into one bite. It might even make all of their summer-birthday friends a little bit jealous. 

Updated June 2022