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Eat Like an Astronaut (Only Better) With These Space-Themed Recipes

Houston, we have treats!

Margo Gothelf · 4 months ago


Bake Me Some Sugar

If you weren’t already convinced astronauts are heroes, take a look at what they have to eat for lunch! The food in space isn't exactly top-notch: All those pouches and free-dried foods? Blech. Before you go on an all freeze-dried food diet, indulge in these space-themed recipes. (They’ll help you fuel up for your mission to Cosmic CAMP!)

Galaxy Cupcakes


Mostly Homemade Mom

Sure, you could decorate your cupcakes with sprinkles, or you could take them to another dimension and decorate them with planets. That's exactly what Mostly Homemade Mom does with her galaxy cupcakes. The simple cupcake gets topped with lollipops and gummy rings to create mini planets that are truly out of this world.

Alien Pretzels


Butter With a Side of Bread

Think aliens would like pretzels? How about chocolate-covered pretzels? Something tells me they would be quite fond of the sweet and salty combo. If you happen to know an alien, let them try it out for themselves with these chocolate-covered alien pretzels. If you don't know any aliens, make them for yourself and snack on them while you search the skies for UFOs!

Astronaut Ice Cream


Teach Beside Me

Fine dining on the International Space Station means a 12-course meal full of freeze-dried food. Prepare your tastebuds for the mission by making your own batch of freeze-dried astronaut ice cream. While this batch of ice cream is actually more like a cookie, it mimics the texture of actual space food. Also, it physically cannot melt, making it easy to eat regardless if you are in space or just at the park on a very hot day.

Edible Moon Rocks

edible moon rocks

Rainy Day Mum

Blast your tastebuds into a new galaxy with these edible moon rocks. These tasty treats look just like real rocks that you might pick up from the moon's surface on a lunar exploration mission, with one main difference: These rocks are made out of chocolate. So you can chomp away without fear of sending your teeth into the next dimension!

Color-Changing Galaxy Lemonade


In the Kids Kitchen

Love the way the gas planets like Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter look? Put that swirling pattern right into your glass with this color-changing galaxy lemonade. Unlike the gas planets, which get their eye-catching looks from helium and hydrogen, the lemonade uses butterfly pea flower tea. The tea contains a special compound that causes a chemical reaction (don't worry, it's safe to drink!) when it mixes with the rest of the ingredients. The final product will look out of this world! 

Milky Way Cupcakes


My Home Based Life

Venture out to the farthest reaches of the solar system all without leaving your kitchen, thanks to these galactic cupcakes. Use the cupcakes as a canvas to create your own version of the galaxy with planets, stars, asteroids, or even aliens. Keep the creativity (and sugar rush) going by making a whole batch of different galaxies full of new planets to explore. 

Intergalactic Surprise Inside Cake

One of the best things about space: No matter how much you know, there's always something new to explore. The same is true for this intergalactic surprise cake. From the outside, it looks like a typical cake. But with just one cut, you'll see that the inside of the cake is full of planets waiting to be explored! Don't be intimidated by how amazing this cake looks — the process is fairly simple. The planets are made out of cake pops and baked right into the cake. 

No-Churn Galaxy Ice Cream


Bake Me Some Sugar

Forget chocolate and vanilla — in this part of the cosmos, it's all about galaxy ice cream. The best part about this galactic ice cream? No ice cream machine is needed. When the ice cream is ready to go, top it with sparkling star sprinkles to make it look like the perfect starry sky.

Galaxy Popcorn


A Magical Mess

You're bound to get hungry on those long spacewalks, so be prepared and whip up a batch of galaxy popcorn to take along on the mission. A Magical Mess uses a rather sweet recipe, so you'll have no problem keeping the energy up while you are out and about in the atmosphere. Sweets not your thing? Sub out some of the candy for some salty snacks like pretzels or nuts. 

Fruit and Marshmallow Space Rocket Snack


Mama Cheaps

It's a looooong journey to the moon. Fuel up for the trip with these fruit and marshmallow rocket snacks. The fruit will give you the strength and focus needed on your journey, while the marshmallows will keep you energized (and maybe give you a little sugar rush!). Want to give the rockets a little boost? Dip the fruit or marshmallows in some chocolate for some extra liftoff!