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Father’s Day Treats for Dad Kids Can Make Themselves

Whether he's into nachos, brownies, coffee, or pizza, there's a recipe kids can make just for Dad!

Erica Silverstein · 3 months ago

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Father's Day Recipes Kids Can Make


The way to a Dad’s heart is through his stomach, so hit him where he’s vulnerable (no, not literally!) and treat him to delicious kid-made snacks this Father’s Day. Whether he goes for salty, sweet, or spicy, you can find recipes for his favorites that don’t involve fancy knife skills or hot stoves. Try these Father’s Day treats for Dad that kids can make themselves, and fill both his heart and his tummy with your love.




Whether it’s game day or snack time, Dad appreciates a good plate of nachos. Really, who doesn’t? Let Dad put his feet up, and bring the snack to him. Follow Macheesmo’s recipe for microwave nachos for a quick and easy path to the ultimate salty, crunchy, cheesy snack. It’s ideal for kids not ready to use the oven.

Beer Brownies


Dinner, Then Dessert

Does Dad love chocolate, as well as beer? If the answer is yes, Dinner Then Dessert has found his dessert nirvana: beer brownies! It’s a straight-up dark chocolate brownie enhanced with a bottle of Guinness. The recipe is easy for older kids to whip up, but we recommend an adult supervises to make sure all the beer goes in the batter.

French Bread Pizza


I Heart Naptime

You share a love of pizza with your papa, but making a pie from scratch is beyond the abilities of many junior chefs. No problem! Steal an idea from your school cafeteria, and bake Dad his very own French bread pizza. Go easy cheesy or load it up with all his favorite toppings.

No-Churn Coffee Ice Cream


Marsha's Baking Addiction

If Dad is hard to separate from his cup of joe, chances are he’s a fan of coffee ice cream, as well. Treat him to a few scoops on Father’s Day, especially if the June temperatures are hot. This ice cream recipe from Marsha’s Baking Addiction needs only four ingredients and does not require an ice cream maker. You will have to blend it up on Saturday, so it has time to freeze before Sunday’s celebrations.

Seven-Layer Dip Cups


Sizzling Eats

Father’s Day is like the All-Star Game for dads, so why not put out a Super Bowl-level spread for his special day. Seven-layer dip is always a crowd pleaser, but today you just need to please Pops, not the whole team. Take inspiration from Sizzling Eats’ playbook and make individual seven-layer dip cups. Dad won’t have to play defense while family members try to steal his refried beans and guac, plus he can double dip to his heart’s content.

Cowboy Cookies


Brown-Eyed Baker

Does your Daddy have a 10-gallon-hat-sized appetite? Treat him to a cookie that’s as large as Texas, and packed full of chunky flavor. Brown Eyed Baker’s cowboy cookies are easy to make and can be adapted to whatever mix-ins you’ve got in your pantry (or that Dad loves most).

Snack Mix



Father’s Day movie night needs a good salty snack to accompany it. We bet Dad would appreciate a homemade snack mix with a bit of a kick. Skip the store, and make your own. Macheesmo’s honey chili snack mix is a little sweet and a little spicy — remind you of anyone? 


banana-mancakes-pancakes-1 small

Sugar Mama Cooks

Bring your Dad breakfast in bed, so he can sleep in on Father’s Day. Ask another grownup (nicely) to brew some coffee and fry up some bacon, while the kids tackle these banana “mancakes.” What’s a mancake you ask? Sugar Mama Cooks says they’re hearty pancakes cooked in honor of Dad, but you could make them manlier (or just sillier) by using dried and fresh fruits to create an edible portrait of Dad using the round flapjack as the face.



I Heart Naptime

Every fiesta is more festive with guacamole, and that includes Father’s Day. Plus, this easy guacamole recipe from I Heart Naptime requires only measuring and mashing skills. (That is, if a grownup does a little chopping prep for the kids.) Make a big batch and not only can you dunk your chips, but you can spread the guac on toast with eggs for breakfast, on Dad’s favorite sandwich at lunch, or in your seven-layer dip (see recipe above).

Muscle Bars

musclebars 5501


Some dads have six-pack abs; others have dad bods. Whether our father's got the muscles or is still trying to find some, they'll love these muscle bars (a.k.a. protein bars). Not only are they packed with protein and energy, these bars taste good, too — especially if you drizzle melted chocolate over them. Bring them along on your Father’s Day hike, bike ride, or park outing.

Beer and Berry Cobbler Bars


The Beeroness

Dad will like these cobbler bars beery, berry much. They take advantage of plentiful summer berries and seasonally appropriate pale ale to make a treat fit for a father. Serve them in bowls topped with ice cream, or take them along on your Father’s Day fishing trip or picnic.

Candy Tackle Box


Coffee Pancakes and Dreams

This one’s for the littlest kids in the family. If you want to give Dad a special treat, but aren’t old enough to cook, present dad with a tackle box filled with fish- and worm-themed candy and snacks (or any of Dad’s favorite candies). Preschoolers can work on their fine motor skills as they fill each section just so, and Dad won’t mind if a few of those gummy worms and Goldfish crackers disappear during production.