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This Mom Makes the Coolest Food Art You've Ever Seen

How to make healthy meals that look so good, it would be a crime to eat them.

Jack Shepherd · 19 days ago

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It started as a website for planning weekly menus ahead of time, but according to graphic designer and mom of two Jolanda Stokkermans, things … “got a bit out of hand.” The problem was stock images – Stokkermans couldn’t find anything that lived up to her standards and eventually decided to just do the food photography herself. While she was at it, she started adding some creative flair to the dishes until the site was awash with beautiful animals, mythical beasts, cityscapes, and portraits. 

After her social-media-savvy kids encouraged her to create an Instagram account for her creations, she quickly started amassing followers for her delightful food art. Everything in these dishes is edible, and each dish begins with a quick glance around the fridge for inspiration, followed by 2-4 hours of work to craft the ingredients into a gorgeous meal that will delight any kid, even when it’s packed full of nutritious vegetables and grains. 

Marvel at these lovely creations, and — once you’ve seen what can be done with healthy ingredients anyone has in their fridge, a little bit of natural food coloring, and some creativity — use them as inspiration to make dinnertime a colorful, exciting adventure for the whole family. Or else, you know, just have fun looking at these nice pictures with the kids while you wait for the tater tots and nuggets to bake — we’re all just doing our best here. And for more delightful food art from Jolanda Stokkermans, be sure to follow her on Instagram.

The Ramen Hydra

De Meal Prepper

Why have your ramen in a boring old bowl when you can enjoy it as a three-headed mythical beast?

Unicorn Delight

De Meal Prepper

This unicorn is made from creamy turnip puree with carrots, sweet corn, peas, rucola broccoli and bell peppers. Spice with salt, pepper, and nutmeg, and serve with a cheesy sauce. 

Tropical Macaw Pancakes

De Meal Prepper

Sweet tropical pancakes made with coconut and coconut milk, with a beautiful macaw for filling.

Happy Orzo Rabbit

De Meal Prepper

Greek pasta made into a cheeky smiling rabbit with homemade tomato sauce, green haricots, chives, and feta cheese.

Panda Love

De Meal Prepper

These black bean and basmati rice pandas look great with a puree of beans, and some fresh parsley, chives, and garlic.

Green Parrot Salad

De Meal Prepper

Watch in awestruck wonder as your kids eat spinach, arugula, and lettuce all on the same day.  

Rice Noodle Kitty Cat

De Meal Prepper

Rice noodles and basmati rice mixed with creamy mushrooms and black truffles to create a purring mealtime friend.

Mung Bean Baby Yoda

De Meal Prepper

If you want the kids to dig into a meal of mung beans, cauliflower puree, and beetroot, you may have to bring out the big guns. This calls for Baby Yoda.

Happy Hedgie

De Meal Prepper

A sweet, smiling hedgehog made from rice, chile oil, black truffle, kurkuma, and fresh parsley.

Chewbacca Pasta

De Meal Prepper

Defeat the dark side (which in this metaphor is, I think, kids not eating their dinner?) with a Wookiee made of whole grain pasta, pearl couscous, and black rice, and spiced up with kurkuma and chile powder. (Serve with a homemade tomato sauce).

King of the Jungle

De Meal Prepper

You’ve been cooking rice and noodles wrong. Next time, make them the dang Lion King

Elephant Delight

De Meal Prepper

Basmati rice with Indian spices and green and yellow curry make a very friendly looking elephant

Highland Cow Noodles

De Meal Prepper

Rice, noodles, and cauliflower puree is (almost) as good as a free trip to the Scottish Highlands.

The Savory Snake

De Meal Prepper

A slithering side dish made of mashed potatoes, sauerkraut, peas, and lentils, and spiced with parsley, chives, nutmeg, and black pepper.

Carrot Stew Squirrel

De Meal Prepper

This lovely squirrel friend is made of carrot stew, potatoes, onions, and a green apple.

High Tea Ram

De Meal Prepper

The most creative cucumber sandwiches you’ve ever seen. With cream cheese, black pepper, chives, and parsley.

Cheetah Sholezard

De Meal Prepper

The beloved Iranian rice pudding gets a cheetah-shaped makeover, with saffron, rosewater, cinnamon, coconut, and natural black food color.

Robin Yogurt

De Meal Prepper

A gorgeous Greek yogurt snack with strawberry-mango coulis and chocolate.

Raccoon Rice

De Meal Prepper

This little scavenger is made out of creamy vegan risotto with mushrooms, topped with a little bulgur and black rice, and drizzled with a delicious truffle sauce.

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