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Funny, Silly Food Pranks to Try Out as a Family

Is that a tasty sunny-side-up egg? Or have you just been pranked?

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Have some fun with your family this April Fool’s Day! Try some harmless food pranks, get your giggle on with these silly pranks for kids, and stock up on essential pranking supplies with gag gifts from our Let's Get Silly collection! And here's a hilarious list of fun, harmless April Fools pranks for families. Just remember: You know your family best, but as long as you go for the gags you think will make them amused, not aggravated, you’ll all end the day in tears from laughing so hard!

Brussel Sprout Cake Pops


Cooking Mamas

What do cake pops and brussels sprouts have in common? Not so much, but their similar shape will help you pull off a funny food swap. Trim down a few brussels sprouts so they are very round. Give them a quick steam to soften up and cut off any loose pieces in the process. Once they are good to go, press a lollipop stick in the bottom and dip them in chocolate, just like you would for a cake pop. If you want to go the extra mile and make these even more realistic, add on some sprinkles or a quick drizzle of chocolate over the top. Your family’s taste buds are sure to be in for a surprise when they take that first bite. 

Jell-O Juice

A simple batch of Jell-O goes a long way in an April Fool's Day prank. Case in point: these Jell-O juice surprise drinks. Whip up a quick batch of Jell-O, using a similar color to your kid’s favorite juice. Pour the mixture into a clear glass and let it sit overnight. You can even throw some lemons or limes in for an extra refreshing look. The next day, serve your kids the "juice" with a straw and watch as they try to figure it out, one slurp at a time.

Frozen Cereal

Frozen Cereal

Kids Activities Blog

This frozen cereal trick requires a little preparation, but the payoff is worth it. The night before April 1, fill a bowl with cereal and milk and let it sit in the freezer overnight — don’t forget to place a spoon in there too! The next morning tell your family you’ll set up breakfast and grab the frozen bowls from the freezer. Add a quick splash of milk on top to cover up the frozen cereal underneath. Your family is sure to be confused when they reach for the spoon. See how Kids Activities Blog pulled it off over on her site. 

Cereal Bag Swap



If you’re short on time and looking for a fun and harmless laugh, this cereal bag swap is just for you. Before you set out the cereal options in the morning, swap the plastic cereal inserts inside of the box. Then, let your family pour their own bowl for breakfast. They will be very confused when another flavor comes pouring out.

Grapes or Chocolate Eggs?


Busy Kids Happy Mom

Anyone up for a candy egg? You might just think twice about popping one in your mouth after learning about this funny food swap. To seamlessly make this food swap, you'll need to remove the wrappers from your extra chocolate Easter eggs. Then, rewrap them around grapes and place them back in a bowl. Once they are wrapped, you will not be able to tell the difference between the two. 

Mystery Drinks



You’ll have your family doing a double-take when they go to grab a quick drink. Fill up an opaque drink carton — an orange juice or a milk carton will work just fine — with water and add some food coloring to the liquid. Place the carton back in the fridge and wait until someone goes for a drink. Watch as they pour the liquid into a cup, and see the confusion register across their face as it starts to come out in a funny color. 

Donut Fruit Swap

Donut Box


It’s hard not to smile when you see that big donut box sitting out on the counter. But before you let your family know you’ve got some sweets around, swap the donuts with some fruit. They will be in for a surprise when they lift open the box to find bananas and apples instead of chocolate and jelly donuts. Keep the donuts around so you can laugh (and snack) together after the quick prank.

Brown “E”s



This April Fool’s joke might not be the most original, but there’s a reason it’s so popular. Cut out a bunch of brown letter "E’s" out of construction paper and set them down on a tray and cover them with foil. Tell the family you made brownies and watch them come running to grab one while they are still hot. As you lift the foil to serve the dessert, your family will quickly realize they’ve stumbled into a craft project rather than a delicious treat.

Meatloaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Frosting

You’ll score big points when you tell your kids they're having cupcakes for dinner! Unfortunately, those points will probably disappear as soon as your kids bite into the cupcakes and realize they actually eating meatloaf and mashed potatoes. To turn the meatloaf into cupcakes, make meatloaf like you normally would and bake it in a cupcake tin with a fun cupcake wrapper. To get the mashed potatoes to look like frosting, just add a little food coloring and mix them up until they are nice and fluffy! Then, frost the cupcakes just like you would for a normal dessert. 

Eggs in Disguise



Is that a sunny-side up egg? Nope! Even though what’s on your plate looks exactly like a sunny-side up egg, it's really a sweet and healthy breakfast prank. To achieve this nifty trick, use a big scoop of plain yogurt and top it with a round canned peach. The quick switch will still be a tasty breakfast, it just won’t be the sunny-side up egg that you were expecting. You can even add to the trick by thinly dicing apples to look just like hash browns and adding strawberry jelly as "ketchup."

Pizza Box Prank

Pizza Box Prank


Celebrate the end of April Fool's Day with a little family pizza party — and one final fun prank before you call it a day. Order a few pizzas and set the boxes up on the counter. Sneak the pizzas into the oven before your family see them and make sure to keep the boxes intact. Then, seal the boxes shut with some double-sided tape or super glue. Let it dry for a minute before you call your family down to dinner. As they come ready to eat, tell them to help themselves to a slice and watch them fight to open the boxes. After some time, show them that the pizza is actually in the oven and have a laugh together over dinner.