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Get Away This Winter Without Leaving Home With These Candy Winterscapes

Gingerbread houses are cool, but why not go all out and make a whole gingerbread landscape?

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Gingerbread houses are a great holiday tradition, but why not go all out and make a whole edible landscape, complete with licorice paths, frozen sprinkle ponds, and marshmallow landmarks? (And a charming graham-cracker “gingerbread” house, of course.)

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP

Before we can get started, we need to decide where we’re going. Where are some of the winterscapes you’ve visited as family in the past? Maybe after a long day of skiing in the Rocky Mountains last year, you got warm and cozy in a quaint little cabin, drinking hot chocolate by a fire. Ugh, now we’re jealous.

Once you know what you want to make, it’s time to pull together some supplies.

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1. Start by breaking your graham crackers in half. Put the frosting in a zip-top bag, and then use scissors to snip a small hole in one bottom corner to make a piping bag. Place two graham cracker squares on top of each other to form the base of your house, using frosting to stick them together. Put the base of your house onto the plate.

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP

2. Pipe a thick line of icing around the edge of your square base. Take four graham cracker squares and stand them up in the icing to make the walls. Once you’re happy with your walls, pipe a line of icing at each corner where the crackers touch, to keep them in place. Then pipe another thick line of icing around the top of your walls. Use two more crackers to make the roof; just set their edges on opposite walls and angle them to meet in the middle. Put another fat line of piped icing along the peak of the roof to make it strong. (It will look like snow, too!)

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP

3. Decorate your house using mini marshmallows, sprinkles and candy canes.

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP

4. Now for the winterscape—use icing and candy to decorate your plate. You can stick marshmallows together with frosting to make little snow-covered trees or snowmen. You can create walking paths with licorice and peppermints. You can add sprinkles to make snow drifts or piles of leaves. Let your imagination run wild!

Maev Partners / CAMP

Maev Partners / CAMP