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11 Gifts For The Pizza Lover In Your Family

Gifts for pizza fanatics, young and old.

Sean Kelly · 7 months ago

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For centuries, no debate has been more divisive and tense than the one surrounding everyone’s favorite food: pizza. Is pizza better in New York or Chicago? Should you fold your slice when you eat it or cut it with a knife and fork like an anarchist? Are squares just as good as triangles when it comes to dividing your pizza? And what is the best topping?


Larrie Chua / EyeEm / Getty Images

Regardless of where you fall on these hot-button pizza issues, one thing that unites pizza lovers everywhere is that when it’s made right, you absolutely can’t beat it. For the young pizza fanatics out there, we’ve put together some great gift ideas for the holiday season that will keep their fandom alive. Let’s get cheesy!

1. Twee Chalk Cheesy Pizza Chalk Set

Twee Chalk Cheesy Pizza Chalk Set

Twee Chalk

Let’s say you want to draw the biggest sidewalk pizza pie the world has ever seen. Or maybe you just want to build yourself a chalk world where you own several awesome pizzerias. Whatever the reason, Twee’s pizza chalk set is the perfect gift for the imaginative artists out there who also love a good slice.

2. Melissa & Doug Top And Bake Pizza Counter

Melissa & Doug Top And Bake Pizza Counter

Melissa & Doug

Encourage the littlest chef in the family to create their own pizzas with this adorable top and bake pizza counter! This gives kids everything they need to pretend they’re baking their own yummy pies and practice for the day they can really get to cooking.

3. "Secret Pizza Party"


Dial Books

In this fun and mischievous tale from Daniel Salmieri and Adam Rubin, Raccoon plans a secret pizza party after constantly being chased away from his favorite food with a broom. This secret party is for pizza lovers only, so don’t tell anyone we told you about it unless they’ve pledged allegiance to the pie.

4. Fred Food Face Plate

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Playing with your food?! What could be better? This is the perfect plate for kids who love food but also like to have a little fun. Of course, you can eat pizza on it, too. Try cutting up your slice and giving Fred some pizza hair!

5. Small Foot Wooden Toys Vegetable Garden Playset

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Small Foot

Our favorite part of a pizza is the sauce, and you wouldn’t have sauce without tomatoes! This playset is perfect for chefs-to-be who want to imagine what it’s like to grow vegetables in their very own garden.

6. Panda Pocket Bread Cutter

71IZxTYCAuL. AC SL1010


Once you try a mini panda pizza pocket, you’ll never go back! Try cutting some bread with this adorable cutter, filling it with tomato sauce and your favorite pizza toppings, then toasting or baking it. It’s like a little pizza snack that’s also super cute!

7. LEGO Make Your Own Movie

LEGO Make Your Own Movie


If you’re wondering whether the LEGO Make Your Own Movie set includes a pizza — yes, it does! This absolutely incredible stop-motion animation creator helps kids bring out the artist within them. You get lots of props, including a pizza, so you can finally make that Oscar-winning movie about a pizza delivery guy who saves the world one pie at a time.

8. Melissa & Doug Prepare And Serve Pasta Set

Melissa & Doug Prepare And Serve Pasta Set

Melissa & Doug

If you love pizza, you probably love pasta! With this set, you can “prepare” linguini, bow tie pasta, ravioli, and penne with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. For the little Italian in your family, this is the perfect gift!

9. Pizza Throw Blanket

813K5yZes2L. AC SL1500


Sure, pizza is great to eat, but just imagine being wrapped up cozy in one. Yum.

10. Mindware Playful Chef: Safety Knife Set

Mindware Playful Chef: Safety Knife Set


This amazing knife set is great for kids because it’s designed to allow them to cut their own food. The edges make it so you can cut through even the hardest veggies like carrots, but it won’t risk any injury. So if you’re one to cut up your pizza, this set is for you!

11. Fred Dinner DJ Dining Set

Fred Dinner DJ Dining Set


This dinner is rocking! Here’s a plate for your pizza that you can spin like you’re practicing for your DJ set. The arm of the “turntable” is a combination fork-spoon-knife that is just as fun on its own as it is when you’re using it to pretend you’re spinning your favorite records.