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Saucy Gifts For The Pizza Lover In Your Family

Gifts for pizza fanatics, young and old.

Sean Kelly


Larrie Chua / EyeEm / Getty Images

For centuries, no debate has been more divisive and tense than the one surrounding everyone’s favorite food: pizza. Is pizza better in New York or Chicago? Should you fold your slice when you eat it or cut it with a knife and fork like an anarchist? Are squares just as good as triangles when it comes to dividing your pizza? And what is the best topping?

Regardless of where you fall on these hot-button pizza issues, one thing that unites pizza lovers everywhere is that when it’s made right, you absolutely can’t beat it. For the young pizza fanatics out there, we’ve put together some great gift ideas for the holiday season that will keep their fandom alive. Let’s get cheesy!

1. Cheesy Pizza Chalk Set

Twee Chalk Cheesy Pizza Chalk Set

Twee Chalk

Let’s say your kiddo wants to draw the biggest sidewalk pizza pie the world has ever seen. Or maybe they just want to build themselves a chalk world where they own several awesome pizzerias. Whatever the reason, Twee’s pizza chalk set is the perfect gift for the imaginative artists out there who also love a good slice.

2. "Secret Pizza Party"


Dial Books

In this fun and mischievous tale from Daniel Salmieri and Adam Rubin, Raccoon plans a secret pizza party after constantly being chased away from his favorite food with a broom. This secret party is for pizza lovers only, so don’t tell anyone we told you about it unless they’ve pledged allegiance to the pie.

3. LEGO Make Your Own Movie

LEGO Make Your Own Movie


If you’re wondering whether the LEGO Make Your Own Movie set includes a pizza — yes, it does! This absolutely incredible stop-motion animation creator helps kids bring out the artist within them. It comes with lots of props, including a pizza, so kids can finally make that Oscar-winning movie about a pizza delivery guy who saves the world one pie at a time.

4. Mindware Playful Chef: Safety Knife Set

Mindware Playful Chef: Safety Knife Set


This amazing knife set is great for kids because it’s designed to allow them to cut their own food. The edges make it so you can cut through even the hardest veggies like carrots, but it won’t risk any injury. So if you’re one to cut up your pizza, this set is for you!

5. Hape Perfect Pizza Playset

Hape Perfect Pizza Playset

It’s not delivery – it’s Hape! Kids can load this wooden pie up with their favorite toppings, slice it up like a pizza pro, and send that order out for delivery with a box that doubles as a mini pizza oven for baking. Let them serve up slice after slice with a serving tool, then start all over again with different toppings!

6. Pizza Party! Notecards

Pizza Party! Notecards

What better way to invite everyone to a pizza party than by sending them a slice? Your creative kiddo can choose from cheese, pepperoni, veggie, and Hawiian toppings, or customize with the topping they're craving with sticker sheet fulla fixins’.

7. Pizza Day Book

Pizza Day Book

Pizza doesn’t grow on trees, but this book will show you which ingredients come straight outta the garden! Follow along with a father and son as they take ingredients from the garden to the table – and then try it yourself with a delicious recipe perfect for your next pizza day.

8. Gentlemen's Hardware Pizza Cutter Serving Board

Gentlemen's Hardware Pizza Cutter Serving Board

This cutting board gift for grown-up pizza fans lets you slice up your pie to artisanal perfection with the help of the cutter wheel. Unique, grooved guidelines make sure everyone gets an equal piece of the pie.

9. Suck UK Protractor Pizza Cutter

Suck UK Protractor Pizza Cutter

If you share, make sure it’s fair! Grown-up pizza lovers (or whoever's in charge of cutting up the pizza at your kid's next birthday party) can slice and dice every pie with precision. This half circle cutter not only has measurements for the perfect sized piece, but also has smaller increments so you can keep spitting that last slice up as many times as you need to make sure everything’s all even-steven.

10. Gift Republic Pizza Kite

Gift Republic Pizza Kite

Usually pizzas make pretty lousy kites; they’re not very aerodynamic, the toppings weigh them down, and it’s almost impossible to tie a string around one without getting all greasy. But not this slice! Simple to construct, and easy to fly, this pizza kite is a total breeze.

11. Living Royal Pizza N’ Fries Ankle Socks

Living Royal Pizza N’ Fries Ankle Socks

Pizza and fries? Definitely a match. Kids and grown-ups alike can get their glow on with one-size-fits-all food favorites that are terrific alone, but even better together. It’s pizza for your feet-za! 

12. He Said She Said Pizza Necklace

He Said She Said Pizza Necklace

Here’s a fashion choice that lets everyone know exactly what’s on your mind, without ever having to say a word. Gold plated brass adds a touch of shine, and the 16”, extendable chain won’t leave your neck green.

13. Pipsticks Big Puffy Pizza Stickers

Pipsticks Big Puffy Pizza Stickers

Never run out of your favorite food with a slice that really sticks around. Kids can slap this slice on a laptop, notebook, or gift one to their pizza-loving pals – no napkins required.

14. Tattly Pizza Slice Tattoo

Tattly Pizza Slice Tattoo

Say it with your skin! Tattly tattoos are designed by real independent artists, are totally skin safe – and unlike an actual pizza – this slice can last up for up to 4 days of wear. 

15. Modern Sprout DIY Seed Ball Kit Pizza Garden

Modern Sprout DIY Seed Ball Kit Pizza Garden

We’re so used to ordering up a pie and having it brought right to our door that it's easy to forget how our food is made, or where the ingredients come from. Kids will love growing their own pie flavors with a seed ball kit that makes creating fresh pizza ingredients almost as easy as calling the pizza place up on speed dial!

16. Fred Food Face Plate

Fred Food Face Plate


Playing with your food?! For kids, what could be better? This is the perfect plate for kids who love food but also like to have a little fun. Of course, kids can eat pizza on it, too. Let them try giving Fred some pizza hair!