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Beyond PB&J: Gourmet Sandwiches Kids Can Make on Their Own

These tasty sandwiches are the ultimate summer lunch — and they're simple enough for kids to make on their own.

Erica Silverstein

sandwich recipes kids can make


Welcome to the Cafe Fancypants, where all the chefs are kids and there’s only one thing on the menu: Sandwiches. We cater to the most discerning clientele, from toddlers whose meat dare not touch their veg, to tres chic elementary upperclassmen who can confirm that sandwich bread is so third grade. 

Sit down and peruse our menu, which elevates lunch far beyond the PB&J. Our gourmet sandwiches are a young foodie’s delight — but simple enough for kids to make on their own.

The Wrapsody in Chicken (or Veg)


Moneywise Moms

We all know the appeal of a big bear hug. Why deny your sandwich ingredients the same love? Wrap your choice of fixins in a tortilla or flatbread for a squeeze that’s easy to eat. On the menu for the carnivores is the popular chicken caesar wrap (drizzled with ranch dressing and parmesan cheese). Or, choose the vegetarian wrap option that combines seasonal vegetables and a cream cheese spread.

The I’m-Nut-Tellin’ Club


Bake the Neat

The world may never know the truth about your secret recess club, but we encourage you to tell all your friends about this sweet nutella peanut butter club sandwich. You don’t get just one layer of fruit squished between the two best spreads — you get two. We’re not telling you what to do, but if you want to join the club of happy lunchers, this is the sandwich to order. 

The Deconstructed Slice


Love and Lemons

Here at Cafe Fancypants, our chefs take what you love most about pizza — rich mozzarella cheese, juicy tomatoes, heavenly basil — and use those ingredients to transform a plain cheese and tomato sandwich into a gourmet feast. Customers can choose their preferred bread base, but we recommend a hearty focaccia to transport you to lunchtime in Italy.

The Longest Morning


What Should I Make For ...

Elsa tells us to “let it go,” but sometimes that’s hard to do. Especially in the morning. Who wants to give up comfy jammies, morning cartoons, and the best foods of the day? The Fancypants Cafe staff understands, and makes your transition to afternoon easier with three types of pancake sandwiches. Order your ham and cheese, peanut butter and banana, and turkey apple sandwiches stacked between two buttermilk pancakes to keep your morning groove going through lunchtime. Bedside delivery available on request.

The Fruit Surprise


My Life Cookbook

Expect the unexpected. That would be the motto of this lunch, if a turkey-cheddar sandwich were to have a campaign slogan. It thinks outside the (lunch)box, stealing apricot jam away from its usual nut butter hangout to unite it with the meat-and-cheese faction. When the votes are counted, this sandwich is a decided winner.

The "Spear Me The Details"


Pitchfork Foodie

Everyone’s a food critic. “The meat is touching this cheese.” “This bread is too big for my mouth.” “What are these vegetables doing in my sandwich?” Yet our chefs get five-star reviews from the most discerning diners (a.k.a. toddlers) with this sandwich kabob. The secret? Small bites spaced apart on a pointed stick turns the standard ham and cheese into a playful dining experience you can customize to the finest ingredient detail.

The Marshmallow Kid

IMG 2575-1365x2048

Little Sunny Kitchen

This retro chic sandwich (known by many as The Fluffernutter) is a favorite of nostalgic parents, as well as gooey marshmallow-lovin’ kids. It hits all the food groups: fruit (bananas), grains (bread), protein (peanut butter), and sugar (marshmallow fluff). Excuse me? You say sugar is not a food group? You’ll need to speak with our executive chef over there — he’s the short dude with the lollipop.

The Alternative Lunchstyle


Healthy Little Foodies

Whether you’re gluten-free or simply object to bread on principle, we have a sandwich for customers who like to live life uniquely. To start, this nut-butter sammy uses apple slices instead of wheat or white bread. Toppings are then customized to your individual tastes. Choices include a range of butters (peanut, almond, sun), honey, granola, raisins, and more. Ask your server for the daily list of seasonal accompaniments — or to guarantee your personal concoction has never been ordered before.

The Regality Bites

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Our most genteel clientele take their afternoon tea with the most elegant sandwich on the menu. This is no run-of-the-mill cucumber sandwich with generic cream cheese and soggy cucumber slices. Oh no! Fancypants Cafe gives our open-faced cucumber sandwich the royal treatment with slices of the flakiest French bread, cream cheese dotted with herbs from our garden (or, in a pinch, Philadelphia’s garden), and cucumbers hand-carved into appealing shapes.

The Millennial Upgrade


Healthy Little Foodies

Devotees of avocado toast gravitate toward this lunch version of the wallet-draining Millennial favorite. We pair chopped hard-boiled eggs with avocado (rather than mayo) for an out-of-this-world gourmet avocado egg salad sandwich. We invite you to try it, but there is no try. Eat, or eat not.