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Make Grocery Shopping with Kids an Awesome AR Adventure at Walmart

Do a supermarket sweep and teach your kids about healthy ingredients with this awesome AR game inspired by Waffles + Mochi!

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The Hidden World of Waffles + Mochi is coming to Walmart — use your phone in-store to access exciting games, tasty recipes to try at home, and clips from the show. Just head to the grocery section of a Walmart store near you, pull out your phone, enter the Hidden World of Waffles + Mochi presented by Walmart, and start finding your favorite foodie friends as your shopping for snacks.

Ready to start exploring? Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Head to Your Local Walmart Store



Let’s be honest here; you don’t need an excuse to head to Walmart. You probably already had plans to get some grocery shopping done anyway, so hopefully, this step is the easiest for you.

Step 2: Start the Experience by Using Your Phone to Scan QR Codes



Next time you’re shopping at Walmart, use your phone to scan QR codes found throughout the grocery department. You’ll enter The Hidden World of Waffles + Mochi and find fun characters brought to life right there in the produce bins and coolers.

Step 3: Point Your Camera at the Tomatoes for a Pasta-Saucingly Good Time



Those tomatoes look pretty good, but they’d look even better as pasta sauce splattered all over a heaping plate of spaghetti! The Hidden World of Waffles + Mochi is filled with fun games. All you need to do is find the right foods to unlock each of them.

Step 4: Peruse the Pickles to Make Fun Pickle Art You Can Eat



The Hidden World of Waffles + Mochi is filled with tasty interactive recipe videos that you can customize for your family’s favorite flavors. In addition, it’s got recipes for refreshing drinks, fun food art, and healthy snacks that you can make at home.

Step 5: Don’t Have a Grocery Run Planned? Play Along at Home!



The Hidden World AR experience has plenty of games, video clips, and customizable recipes to explore today! You can enter the Hidden World at your local Walmart, or you can play along at home by visiting the Hidden World of Waffles + Mochi on your phone. Show off the foodie friends you’ve met using the hashtag #MyHiddenWorld!