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9 Holiday Treats To Make In The Airfryer

If you aren't air-frying, you aren't living yet.

Margo Gothelf · 12 months ago

The air fryer is one of the latest cooking gadgets to transform everyday cooking. The nifty gadget works like a convection oven, surrounding the food with heat and baking it from all corners. This technique often results in light and airy food, especially in baked goods. Down below, we’ve shared some of the best holiday dessert recipes to try out in your air fryer. Time to get baking!

1. Peppermint Chocolate Molten Lava Cake


mikafotostok / Getty Images

Peppermint chocolate molten lava cakes are definitely one of those desserts that appear fancier than they actually are. Don’t be intimidated by them! It is surprisingly easy to make these little mouth-watering cakes. The secret? It’s all about the timing. Try out this recipe and follow the instructions for a super festive holiday cake.

2. Chocolate And Orange Cupcakes


Savory Spin

You don’t have to be gluten-free to enjoy these gluten-free chocolate and orange cupcakes. The cupcakes use almond flour in place of traditional flour to create a light and airy texture. The cupcakes are so delicious you won’t even notice the swap. 

3. Snickerdoodle Cookies

Save-10-Off-3-Household-Supplies-on-Amazon- -Gain-Tide-More-20

Fork to Spoon

Don’t sleep on snickerdoodle cookies this holiday season. The underrated cinnamon and sugar covered treats puff up and become super airy while baking in the air fryer. This is one of those recipes that you’ll want to use all year long.

4. Hanukkah Sufganiyot (Jelly Doughnuts)


Everyday Family Cooking

The Hanukkah celebration would not be complete without some sufganiyot. In the air fryer, these sufganiyot, also known as jelly doughnuts, get a healthier makeover. Instead of being fried in oil and made with a heavy dough, these doughnuts are made with biscuit dough and baked in the air fryer. Don’t worry, you can still fill them with tons of strawberry and raspberry jam.

5. Fried Oreos


nashvilledino2 / Getty Images

Oreos are pretty much the perfect cookie. However, Courtney from Courtney’s Sweets found a way to bring the traditional sandwich cookie to the next level. Her trick includes wrapping the cookies in crescent dough and baking them in the air fryer. The cookies come out with a super soft, pillowy texture. If you want to make this treat even more festive, roll the biscuit dough in red or green sprinkles, or use holiday-themed Oreos.

6. Baked Apples


Cook It Real Good

Fruit in dessert means it’s healthy, right? Well, not entirely so, but these baked apples are on the right track. Along with being on the healthier side of holiday treats, these baked apples are also a breeze to make. Simply slice an apple in half and cover them with a cinnamon oat topping. Once it’s cooked, all that’s left is for the family to enjoy.

7. Gingerbread Cookies


Recipes From A Pantry

Baking and decorating gingerbread cookies as a family is a great way to start a holiday tradition. This air fryer gingerbread cookie recipe keeps the cookies nice and light too, so you won’t feel sick when you’re on your third cookie!

8. Red And Green Sprinkle Sugar Cookies


Fork to Spoon

Not all recipes have to be made from scratch. Case in point: These air fryer sugar cookies. These cookies will give off a homemade feel, all without the fuss. Simply buy some premade sugar cookie dough and toss the sliced dough in the air fryer. When they’re done, top them with frosting and holiday sprinkles. Choose either green and red or blue and white depending on what you are celebrating.

9. Christmas Morning Cinnamon Rolls


Recipes From A Pantry

Raise your hand if you’re planning to have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning! Using the air fryer will give that traditional family meal an upgrade. These cinnamon rolls can easily be made ahead of time, leaving even more time for opening presents.