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Here's How To Make Those Viral Hot Chocolate Bombs

Here's how to make the DIY treat that's taking over the internet like some kind of delicious invasive species.

Margo Gothelf · 11 months ago

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If you’ve spent any time on the internet during the past few weeks, you’ve probably come across a few videos of hot chocolate bombs. If not, let me get you up to speed... 

Hot chocolate bombs are pretty much what they sound like: little chocolate bombs that explode with hot chocolatey goodness. More specifically, they are hollow chocolate balls filled with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows. When dropped into a warm glass of milk, they melt and create a dreamy cup of hot chocolate.

So, how do you make these irresistible creations? Here’s what you’ll need:

Ingedient Haul

Hot Chocolate Bombs


Chocolate, and lots of it. Choose from milk, dark, or even white chocolate to make the base of the round spheres. You can even mix and match different types of chocolate to pour into the molds. If you can, choose a high-quality chocolate bar, rather than chocolate chips. The melted bar will stay together better in the mold and won’t crumble. 

Next up: hot chocolate mix! Use whatever kind you would like here. This will be the base of the hot chocolate when it comes out of the ball. 

Finally, marshmallows. Mini marshmallows work best inside the ball since they’re tiny. The goal is to keep everything inside the ball, so make it easy on yourself and stick with minis.

Feel free to customize your cocoa bomb however you’d like. Add in little candies, sprinkles, peppermints, or even chocolate chips. Whatever you put inside will end up in your hot chocolate, so choose wisely and think melty! 

Assembly Time

Hot Chocolate Bomb Assembly


Now that you’ve assembled your ingredients, it’s time to make the chocolate balls. For this, you’ll need a round silicone mold. Once that’s in hand, fill it with melted chocolate. You can melt the chocolate using a double boiler method or through 30-second increments in the microwave, stirring between each increment. This makes sure everything melts evenly. 

Next, spoon about two to three teaspoons of the melted chocolate into each mold cup, depending on the size of the mold you have. Tip the mold so the chocolate coats the inside with a thin layer. Repeat the process until you’ve got a sturdy dome of chocolate. Use a pastry brush if needed to reach those tricky spots. 

Once the molds are coated with chocolate, let them sit in the freezer for about 10 minutes. When they look solid, pop the chocolates out of the mold and fill one half with a tablespoon of hot chocolate mix, marshmallows, and any other additions you may want. Don’t overload the inside with toppings, otherwise the ball won’t close.

Hot Chocolate Bombs


Now it’s time to seal the bombs. You can do this using a warm dish or a non-stick pan. If you used the double boiler method to melt the chocolate, keep the water boiling and place a plate above the pot to warm it up. Once it is warm, place the empty half of the chocolate ball on top of the plate, just long enough to melt the edges. You can also do this in a non-stick pan, keeping the temperature low and melting the edges of the chocolate ball. 

When the chocolate looks a little gooey, place the two sides together, and hold them steady for a few seconds to create a seal. Once they’re together, place them in the freezer for a few minutes to make sure the seal is secure. 

When they are sealed together, decorate the outside however you like. Add another drizzle of chocolate or finish it off with some sprinkles!

Explosion Time



Now it’s time to watch the hot chocolate bombs explode. Fill up a big mug with warm milk (or a tasty dairy substitute). Pop the hot chocolate bomb into the mug and BOOM! The chocolate will start to melt and everything inside will slowly start to spill out. Give it a good stir and enjoy. It’s almost as much fun to drink as it was to make.