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Make A Delightful Gingerbread Höme With This Downloadable Kit From IKEA

Assembling IKEA furniture: Not super fun. Assembling IKEA furniture you can actually eat: Super delicious fun!

Jack Shepherd · 9 months ago

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IKEA Gingerbread House


Sure, the holidays are technically over, but it’s gingerbread-making season right up until the last snowflake melts and the first birds of spring start making their obnoxious springtime racket and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Grownups looking for a way to pass a winter evening with the kids, now that the holiday toys have started to lose their luster, can now combine two of the greatest joys available to those of us who never stopped loving LEGO: Assembling IKEA furniture and building intricate gingerbread houses. 

Enter the free, downloadable Gingerbread Höme kit from IKEA (gingerbread not included). 

“Our Gingerbread Höme kit includes furniture-shaped cookie cutters and simple instructions, so you can furnish your gingerbread house with edible versions of iconic IKEA furniture.”

IKEA Gingerbread House


Just download their printable assembly instructions, assemble your most talented gingerbread architects (the kids’ll do), and get to work putting together a tiny Billy Bookcase, Jokkmokk dining set, Malm bedframe, and Strandmon armchair so your gingerbread people can live their gingerbread lives just like you do: On stylish but affordable furniture that you (kind of) built yourself.

IKEA Gingerbread House Plans


If you want to get truly wild with it (well, kinda wild), you can even download 3D printing files for reusable cookie cutters. But your gingerbread people won’t mind if your family does it the old fashioned way and cuts the raw materials for your gingerbread Jokkmokk Table + Chairs set freehand, just like grandma used to do it. 

And remember: Gingerbread season isn’t over until it’s spring, so start building your gingerbread empire today!

IKEA Gingerbread House Assembly