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10 Summery Birthday Cake Ideas for July Birthdays

Load up your cake plate with delicious birthday treats inspired by summertime flavors and fun.

Erica Silverstein



Pool parties, backyard bashes, beach days — summer is the best time for a birthday. (Not that this July-born writer is biased.) It’s also an epic month for summer treat-inspired birthday cakes. Take advantage of seasonal fruits and berries to flavor your cake. Seek out your favorite ice cream flavors to heap atop — or even inside! — your birthday treat. Or, go for cake decorations that reflect your favorite outdoor activities, full of surf and sun. These 10 summery birthday cake ideas for July birthdays are sure to bring the fireworks on your special day.  

Beach Scene Cake


Rose Bakes

Hit the beach for your birthday with a sand-and-surf-inspired cake. Think bright colors, beach accessories like flip flops and surfboards, and some brown sugar sand for authenticity. Rose Bakes adds some turquoise cake pops rolled in white nonpareils for extra seascape atmosphere — and yumminess.

Ice Cream Cake


Brown Eyed Baker

July is National Ice Cream Month, so you’ve got a two-for-one celebration when you bring out an ice cream cake for your birthday. Brown Eyed Baker shows you how to DIY a Dairy Queen ice cream cake, or more ambitious home birthday chefs will want to give her fruit-laden banana split ice cream cake a try. I scream, you scream, we’ll all be screaming for seconds of these cool birthday desserts.


Brown Eyed Baker

Red White and Blue Cake

Red white blue drip cake image19

XO, Katie Rosario

You know all those early July parades and fireworks are for your birthday, right? If you share a birth month with our nation, get in the spirit with a red white and blue birthday cake. XO, Katie Rosario elevates vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream frosting into patriotic splendor when she layers on red and blue frosting and explodes patriotic sprinkles over the top of the cake. 

Peach Cheesecake


Cake Whiz

Summer fruit is the best, and bright yellow peaches might be the one fruit to rule them all. For a peachy keen party, make CakeWhiz’s no-bake peach cheesecake your candle-topped centerpiece. The cheesecake is flavored with bits of peaches, and the top is smothered with peach syrup and fruit slices. The recipe may call for canned peaches, but you can go full-on fresh from the farmer’s market.

Moon Landing Space Rocket Cake


Cakes by Lynz

July 20 is National Moon Day — the day in 1969 when Neil Armstrong set foot on the surface of the moon. The young astronauts in your family will be over the moon with a space-themed birthday cake for their special July day. Cakes By Lynz gets creative with a crater-laden circular moon cake topped with a retro-style rocket. The kids will be counting down to this cake cutting.

Sugar Cookie Cake


Fresh April Flours

It’s never too hot to bake cookies, especially when July 9 is National Sugar Cookie Day. If you’re firing up the oven, why not bake one mondo funfetti sugar cookie cake for your July birthday bash? Fresh April Flours made this frosting-and-sprinkle-laden super-cookie for her birthday, with a secret surprise: White chocolate chips hidden in the cookie dough.

Cowboy Cake


Rose Bakes

Yeehaw, it’s your birthday! Rope yerself a 10-gallon cowboy-themed cake for your jamboree. We reckon your little rider will have a hankerin’ for Rose Bakes’ Wild West cake, complete with hat, silver belt buckle, bandana, and cowhide decorations. Your guests will have a hog-killin’ time diggin’ into this dessert, and will be moppin’ their plates in no time.

Milk Chocolate Cake


My Cake School

Borrow an idea from July 28’s National Milk Chocolate Day and devote your birthday to the creamiest chocolate confection. My Cake School goes all in with a milk chocolate cake, layered with milk chocolate buttercream frosting and drizzled with milk chocolate ganache. Expect to sport a milk chocolate mustache once you finally lift your face from your cake plate.

Gummy Worm Dirt Cake


Life Love and Sugar

Has your family been digging in the dirt this summer — either to grow fresh tomatoes or to search for wiggly worms? Then surprise your birthday backyardigans with a gummy worm dirt cake. Life Love and Sugar turns the pudding dessert into a cake by layering a moist chocolate cake with Oreo crumb frosting and dotting it with grass-green frosting. Gummy worms laze around the top and sides, but just as in your garden, you’ll find more hiding when you dig into an earthy slice.

Raspberry Cake



Wish your kid a very berry birthday with a summery white chocolate raspberry cake. To make this ultimate pink-and-white dessert, Chelsweets combines white cake with fresh raspberry filling and white chocolate buttercream, then covers it all with a raspberry white chocolate frosting. If the little hands in your house are always stuffing their mouths full of brightly colored berries, you know this berrylicious cake will be the berry best.