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10 Kitchen Gadgets To Help With Picky Eaters

How to get the more CHEWsy members of the family to chow down.

Matt Harvey · 2 months ago

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It’s dinner time, but there aren’t any nuggets, hot dogs, or noodles on the menu! How do you get the more CHEWsy members of the family to chow down? Never you fear, we’ve compiled a list of 10 kitchen gadgets that will help you to make meal time more palatable for the picky eaters in your family!

Fun Plates

Fred & Friends

Fun plates can literally set the stage for a more palatable eating experience. Here are some fun plates that we love!



A blender can mask all sorts of foods that are unsavory to our small friends! Grab a blender and smoothie away the opposition!

Food Separators

Food Cubby

A common concern for our selectively nomming friends is that they don’t want their foods to touch each other! Use one of these super cool food-separating devices to help keep your eats from commingling. Think of them like a chaperone at a middle school dance … but for your dinner!

Playful Utensils

Fred & Friends

Playful utensils are the best way to get food from your fun plates (see above) to the choosy mouths of persnickety eaters. There are many options in the realm of playful food transfer tools. Here are some of our favorites!

Shape-Cutters/ Sandwich Molds


Sometimes, the original shape of food can lead to resistance. We love these fun shape cutters to give a little character to the stuff on our plates!



It slices, it dices, it makes food more presentable … it’s a … a dicer! Small friends love cubed food — from cheeses to fruits — and these dicers will have your little one stacking and snacking!

Vegetable Spiralizer


Just turn the handle and watch as vegetables transform from objects of resistance to delicious ribbons of yum! The kiddos will love this fun-to-use spiralizer.

Fun Straws

Spelly Straws

You can help save the environment and catch your small friends sippin’ with these fun and reusable straw options!



Keep the fun food fresh for round two with these food storage containers!

Our Favorite Containers

Dip Cups


DIPS!!! Everyone loves a good dip and these dips cups will have your small friends dunking like nobody's business!

Let us know if you have any favorites that missed the list on Instagram @CAMPSTORES!

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