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Let Waffles + Mochi Take Care of Dinner Tonight With Interactive Recipes Your Family Will Love

Enter the Hidden World of Waffles + Mochi to see Waffles + Mochi create some tasty snacks. Trust us; your family will thank you.

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The Hidden World Of Waffles + mochi

By now, you’ve undoubtedly seen and loved all of Waffles + Mochi’s antics on their hit Netflix series, but did you know that they’ve invited some of their other foodie friends into the Hidden World of Waffles + Mochi presented by Walmart?

Check out the experience today to play games, watch clips from the show, and — best yet — build interactive recipes that you can make at home. (More like intersnacktive, right?) As you explore The Hidden World, you’ll unlock badges that will be turned into donations to the Partnership for a Healthier America. So with one recipe, you’ll be feeding TWO families.

Here’s a taste of some of the delicious decisions you can make in The Hidden World:

Let’s start with everyone’s favorite, the pickle course. Are you making pickled beet blossoms or pink pickled egg mice?


Let’s hop on over to the main course, Hoppin’ John! Do you want to top your rice with chicken sausage or collard greens with peppers?


We’re going to need something to wash everything down. How about fruit-infused water? A skewer of sweet berries? Or a stack of citrus slices?


These recipes and more can be found in The Hidden World of Waffles + Mochi, along with games, video clips, and collectible badges. Check it out and if you built a particularly flavorful feast, share it using the hashtag #MyHiddenWorldRecipes!

Earning badges helps unlock donations from Walmart to the Partnership for a Healthier America to support their efforts in providing up to 1 million meals to families in need across the country. Walmart’s maximum contribution is $1 million during May 2021.