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Make Butterbeer 9 Different Ways To Celebrate Harry Potter Day

Hogsmeade's finest!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


Butterbeer is perhaps the most recognizable treat from the wizarding world of the Harry Potter novels. The beverage is described as "a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch" and can be served pretty much however you would like it. Want it hot? No problem. How about frozen or in a milkshake? You got it. Check out all of the different ways the tasty treat can be made from the recipes below.

Harry Potter Butterbeer Recipe


Kids Activities Blog

I'd bet this authentic version of butterbeer would pass the test for the menu at The Three Broomsticks or the Hog's Head Pub. Want to make it yourself? Head to Kids Activities Blog and read up on their step-by-step recipe. The butterbeer is made with actual butter, butterscotch syrup, cream soda, and topped with whipped cream. The recipe is based on the butterbeer that you find at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Universal Orlando theme park, so you know it's wizard approved.

Frozen Butterbeer


Princess Pinky Girl

The Three Broomsticks might want to take note and add this frozen version of butterbeer to the menu. Want to know the secret to getting the perfect frozen texture? Princess Pinky Girl freezes the cream soda in an ice cube tray and then blends the frozen soda to make the icy treat. Definitely save this one for a hot summer day, as it is super refreshing.

Butterbeer Float


The Cottage Market

If your sweet tooth has no limits, you're going to want to give this butterbeer float a try. The butterbeer recipe takes everything you love about the wizarding world drink and adds a heaping scoop of ice cream into the mix — just in case it already wasn't sweet enough. 

Healthy Butterbeer Smoothie


Bren Did

Butterbeer and healthy feel like they don't belong in the same sentence. The magical beverage is known to be super sweet and not exactly filled with fruits and veggies. Luckily, Bren Did figured out a way to turn the confection into a semi-healthy beverage giving it a smoothie twist. Bonus: It's also vegan and sugar-free! Don't let the healthy label turn you away from trying it. Her recipe uses a vegan-based caramel, so the drink still has its traditional rich taste.

Hot Butterbeer


The Tiptoe Fairy

Picture this: it's a nice crisp fall day and your house just won the hardest Quidditch match of the season. To celebrate the win, you and your housemates wander down to Hogsmeade to celebrate with a nice hot mug of butterbeer from The Three Broomsticks. Sounds nice, doesn't it? While the Quidditch part of this situation might be hard to make a reality, the hot mug of butterbeer can easily be achieved. To fully make the picture come alive, enjoy the hot beverage during a full marathon of the movies — it will almost be like you are there.

Butterbeer Hot Chocolate


The Savvy Kitchen

Butterbeer is easily adaptable to the seasons. Plain in the spring, frozen in the summer, and hot for the fall. What's the winter option? This butterbeer hot chocolate. This recipe is everything you love about hot chocolate with a magical — and very sweet — twist. Bookmark this recipe for the winter and save it for a snow day marathon full of the Harry Potter movies.

Butterbeer Milkshakes

butterbeer-milkshakes-02.jpg copy

The Redhead Baker

Do you think Voldemort ever sat down and enjoyed a glass of butterbeer? Something tells me it would have lifted his spirits and could have changed his mind about the whole Horcrux thing — especially if he tried this milkshake version of the sweet drink. The butterbeer recipe combines both the frozen and float butterbeer recipes to make a smooth and creamy milkshake. But seriously, who could be that angry with this butterbeer milkshake in front of them? Try out the recipe over on The Redhead Baker and find out for yourself.

Three Ingredient Butterbeer

three-ingredient-Butterbeer-Recipe- -11

Sugar and Charm

You'll feel like a real wizard after you see how quick it is to whip up this batch of butterbeer. This version of the signature drink only requires three ingredients making it incredibly simple to mix up. The main flavors are all there — and you can easily make it without making a mess in the kitchen. Grab your broomstick and fly on over to Sugar and Charm to find the full recipe.

Butterbeer Frappuccino

How+to+order+Harry+Potter+Butterbeer+at+Starbucks+ +www.coupleinthekitchen

Couple in the Kitchen

Do you think wizards would like Starbucks? I bet they would, especially after finding out there's a butterbeer frappuccino on the secret menu. If you want to grab a butterbeer treat fast — or you're just not into the DIY version — head to your local Starbucks and give the butterbeer frappuccino a try. The drink is cream-based and has swirls of caramel and toffee piping through — making it just as sweet and flavorful as the original drink. The drink isn't on the everyday menu, so make sure you give the specifics when ordering! Find out all of the details over on Couple in the Kitchen.