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Here’s How To Make (And Eat!) Your Favorite Foods From Disney Movies

Try "the grey stuff," it's delicious!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

The Grey Stuff

Disney Parks

Have you ever been watching an animated Disney movie and suddenly found your mouth watering thanks to the delicious-looking food on the screen? Good news: It’s surprisingly easy to recreate your favorite foods from Disney movies. Here’s how to recreate some of the most popular dishes from Disney movies below — so you can judge for yourself whether they taste as good in real life as they look on the screen!  

Ratatouille from "Ratatouille"


Disney Dishes Blog

Did you know that the main dish in Ratatouille technically isn’t ratatouille? The dish, known as Confit Byaldi, is actually a French dish created by the chef Thomas Keller. While Confit Byaldi uses similar flavors and has mostly the same ingredients as ratatouille, traditional ratatouille is typically more rustic and choppy. Regardless of the name, the dish that Remy creates in the animated film still had my mouth watering. Learn how to create the dish here.

Pork Tamales from "Coco"

abuelitastamales 01

Whole Heartily

In Coco, Miguel’s Abuela knows that you can never have enough tamales. The flavorful pockets of meat are a little tricky to master, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be pushing them on everyone, just like Miguel’s Abuela. Whole Heartily has put together a recipe based on the dish from Coco to help you master the Mexican delicacy. 

Gooseberry Pie from "Snow White"

Gooseberry Pie from "Snow White"

Nicole the Nomad

Recreating the Gooseberry Pie from Snow White isn’t as hard as it seems. In fact the only catch may be that you have to wait until July for gooseberry season! Gooseberries are both sweet and a little tart, just like rhubarb. Head on over to Nicole The Nomad’s post to see just how easy it is to recreate this sweet treat.

The Grey Stuff from "Beauty and the Beast"

The Grey Stuff

My Frugal Adventures

While belting out "Be Our Guest" to Belle, Lumiere offers a hot tip: "Try the grey stuff, it's delicious. Don't believe me? Ask the dishes!" Ever wonder what was really in the Grey Stuff from Beauty and The Beast? Turns out you’re not alone. So many people were curious about the unusual colored dessert that Disney developed a recipe for the treat and you can actually try it the next time you're at the Disney parks! But don’t worry if you can’t make it to Disney any time soon. My Frugal Adventures has developed a recipe for you to make the Grey Stuff at home.

Empire Biscuits from "Brave"

Empire Biscuits

Not Quite Nigella

In Brave, Merida’s brothers can be seen snacking on empire biscuits in multiple scenes. The little pastries are traditional Scottish cookies and are surprisingly easy to recreate at home. Not Quite Nigella has put her own little spin on them to make the biscuits look like they were taken right out of the animated film. 

Bao Bun Recipe from Pixar's "Bao"

Bao Buns

Thrifty Jinxy

There’s good news and bad news when making these bao buns. The bad news is that they won’t come to life, unlike the adorable little bun in the Disney short film, Bao. The good news is that the buns are incredibly delicious. These little fluffy buns are stuffed to the brim with ground pork and vegetables and then steamed to perfection. Learn how to make these buns from scratch by checking out Thrifty Jinxy’s blog.

Kronk's Spinach Puffs from "The Emperor’s New Groove"

Kronk's Spinach Puffs

Fiction Food

Kronk takes great pride in his spinach puffs in the Emperor’s New Groove. The tasty little puffs only show up for a short time in the underrated Disney classic but make a lasting impact due to Kronk’s devotion to these tasty puffs. Recreate Knonk’s spinach puffs at home to see if they live up to their reputation. 

Broccoli Pizza from "Inside Out"

Broccoli Pizza

A Mom's Take

Did you ever wonder what the broccoli pizza in Inside Out actually tastes like? During the animated film, Anger has a super strong reaction to the pizza, making it seem pretty unappetizing. But the slice does look pretty tasty if I do say so myself. Judge the broccoli pizza for yourself and check out the recipe on A Mom's Take blog.