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Make Your Holidays A Bit Sweeter With Our Cereal Winter Dust

Trust me, it’s way better than eating cereal out of a bowl.

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Everybody always tells us to eat cereal in a bowl with milk. We do it, our parents did it, our grandparents did it—it’s just how cereal has always been eaten. But what if we could transform cereal into a custom ingredient so you could sprinkle it like snow on an ice cream sundae or buttered toast, or mix it into a milkshake? Trust me, it’ll be way better than eating cereal the “normal” way.

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If you’re game, let’s give it a shot. You’ll need...

Kroger® Fruit Rings Multi-Grain Cereal

Kroger® Double Zipper Sandwich Bags

Office Works® Utility Scissors - Blue

Midwest Can Company Mini Super Funnel - Green

Ball Mason Jar - Clear / Silver

Kroger® Aluminum Foil

HQ Advance Rubber Bands - Tan

Prodyne On Ice Stainless Steel Serving Bowl

Everyday Living® Premium Rolling Pin - Natural Wood

Kroger® Deluxe Vividly Vanilla Ice Cream


1. First, separate your Kroger® Fruit Rings into piles, one for each color. Once they’re organized, choose your first color and put that pile of Kroger® Fruit Rings into a zip-top sandwich bag.

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2. With the palm of your hand or the rolling pin, crush the Kroger® Fruit Rings into crumbs. Using kid-friendly scissors, cut off the end of one of the bottom corners of the bag, making it into a funnel.

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3. Then, squeeze the crumbs through the hole in the bag and into the mason jar to create a layer of color. Repeat these steps until your jar is full of all the different colors!

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4. Finish your creation by fitting a layer of tinfoil over the jar opening and securing it with a colorful rubber band. Poke holes in the tinfoil to make your jar into a shaker...and that’s it! You’re now free to sprinkle your cereal—I mean snow—everywhere and anywhere you please.

Maev Partners / CAMP

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When fresh matters most for your family, let Kroger be your helper this Holiday season.