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10 Delicious Birthday Cake Ideas for March Birthdays

Get your forks ready! These delicious March birthday cake ideas are inspired by Dr. Seuss, the Girl Scouts, Oreo cookies, bubblegum, and even Mr. Rogers!

Erica Silverstein

Girl-Scout-Cookie-Cake-11a (1)

Studio DIY

March madness: The feeling you get when you’re trying to pick the perfect cake for your favorite Aries or Pisces, but are overwhelmed with too many crazy-good options. Relax! We’ve got you covered with these 10 amazing birthday cake ideas for March birthdays. Go nuts for Oreo and bubblegum-flavored cakes, or lose your mind over Dr. Seuss and Harry Potter-themed creations. Just save us a slice when the wild party rumpus finally winds down.

Oreo Cookie Cake


Sugar and Sparrow

Oreo cookies make every dessert better, from ice cream to cake. For your child's March birthday (or in honor of Oreo Cookie Day on March 6), try this rich chocolate cake layered and frosted with Oreo buttercream and topped with chocolate ganache and mini Oreos. You’ll have better luck eating the creamy middle first with this dessert; we don’t recommend you try to dunk your cake slice in milk.

Harry Potter Birthday Cake


Cakes by Robin

Harry Potter fans go all out for Hogwarts House Pride Week March 20-23, which makes a perfect excuse match your March birthday cake to your Hogwarts house. This impressive Harry Potter birthday cake features Gryffindor colors along with fondant wand, snitch, and spell book decorations.

Peanut Butter Cake


Sweetest Menu

If your idea of heaven is eating peanut butter straight off the spoon, then there is no better March birthday cake than a peanut butter one. Go with a double nutter doozy —peanut butter cake slathered in peanut butter cream cheese frosting. Even better, it’s layered with chocolate cookie crumbs for that “who dipped the chocolate in my peanut butter?” moment.

Dr. Seuss Cake


Rose Bakes

One cake, two cakes, red cake, blue cake. Theodor Geisel was born in March — not the first of Octember — and so a wacky Dr. Seuss-themed cake is a perfect complement to green eggs and ham. Try toppling tiers decorated with favorite characters and the Cat in the Hat’s iconic red-and-white striped hat at the top. Once the cake is set, your only questions will be, “Would you eat it in a box? Would you eat it with a fox?”

Bubblegum Cupcakes


Masshole Mommy

Does your child chew gum like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Then their ultimate birthday cake is a bubblegum-flavored one — especially appropriate in March thanks to National Bubble Gum Week, which runs from March 14-20. One flashy recipe creates bright blue bubblegum-flavored cupcakes covered in electric-pink bubblegum-flavored frosting and topped with a matching blue gumball. They can’t chew the cupcakes for hours on end, but it’s the next best thing in cake form. Or, bake your favorite cake and top it with gelatin bubbles your guests will be itching to pop.

Daniel Tiger Cake


Sweet Creations by Stacy

Daniel Tiger fans may find it tiger-tastic that they share a birth month with Fred Rogers, the original creator of the Neighborhood of Make Believe and its inhabitants. Decorate your child's birthday cake with Daniel and his friends for a grr-ific birthday dessert.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake6

Life Love and Sugar

Cookie Monster’s birthday might be in November, but he always celebrates National Chocolate Chip Cookie Week in March with a giant cookie cake. Steal his idea for your child's birthday party — it’s good enough for me! — and replace the traditional cake with a Tollhouse treat. Or go all out with a delectably monstrous tiered cookie cake, featuring three different types of cookie cake (chocolate chip, double chocolate, and funfetti) layered with buttercream in between and sprinkles on top.

Under-the-Sea Cake

under the sea cake

Geek Sweets

All the Pisces in the house can show their star sign pride with an under-the-sea-themed birthday cake. We like this vanilla bean sour cream cake that’s covered in friendly fondant fish and topped with a googly-eyed giant purple octopus. Choose whichever aquatic theme suits the special swimmer, from mermaid cakes to Nemo and Dory.

Crayon Cake

IMG 2846 (2)E

And Everything Sweet

Purple pizzazz, electric lime, burnt sienna — budding artists get their colors and crayons everywhere. If those pesky crayons are already sneaking from the art corner into the couch cushions and washing machine (yikes!), why not put them on your child's birthday cake? The centerpiece of any artsy party should be a tiered cake like this one, sculpted to look like a box of crayons with a rainbow of frosting colors and an easel topper. 

Girl Scout Cookie Cake


Studio DIY

On my honor, I will try ... not to eat all the Girl Scout cookies in a single sitting. OK, that’s not really the Girl Scout Promise, but it should be. Whether you’re addicted to Thin Mints, Tagalongs, or Samoas, save a box to turn into a mouth-watering birthday cake featuring whole and crushed-up cookies inside and outside. The Samoa cake is coconut flavored with dulce leche; the Tagalong and Thin Mint cakes each combine chocolate cake with peanut butter or mint frosting, respectively. Save a slice and raise a glass of milk to toast your favorite scout during March’s Girl Scout Birthday Week. 

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