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Delectable Birthday Cake Ideas for All You May Birthday Kids

You're gonna need a bigger plate.

Erica Silverstein · 7 months ago


This month, we find cake-y inspiration in all things spring, with puppy dogs, butterflies, and even the world’s most adorable edible hedgehog. Celebrate the season with strawberries, or let your cake transport you to a tropical island full of coconut palms — or even outer space. Whichever one strikes your fancy, will not be dis-Mayed by these 10 a-May-zing birthday cake ideas for your May birthday!

1. Star Wars Cake


Rose Bakes

May the fourth be with you! Does your special day fall on Star Wars Day (May 4 — you see the pun, right?) or perhaps on George Lucas’ May 14 birthday? A cake decorated with Darth Vader and Luke, the Millennium Falcon, or your favorite droid is a fun party addition for any Jedi this month. Now if only you could find some miniature lightsabers to sub for candles...

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cake


Life Love and Sugar

If you haven’t been celebrating National Chocolate Chip Day on May 15 already, now is a good time to start. The humble chip adds a dash of fun and excitement to treats like banana bread, trail mix, and oatmeal cookies, so why not go all out with a chocolate chip cookie dough birthday cake? The cake combines all your Tollhouse-fueled obsessions: safe-to-eat-raw cookie dough and chocolate chip cookie-flavored cake and frosting. As they say: Chips...ahoy!

3. Puppy Dog Cake


The Joys of Boys

It seems like everyone adopted a puppy this year. Whether you have a new furry family member or not, a puppy dog birthday cake brings all the cuteness and none of the allergies. This DIY cake from The Joys of Boys has crushed cookies for fur, Junior Mint eyes, and an Oreo nose. He’s so cute, you’ll just want to eat him all up.

4. Coconut Cream Cake


How to Feed a Loon

You might not be getting a tropical vacation for your birthday present, but you can embrace island flavors on your special day with a coconut cream cake. Layer moist yellow cake with coconut frosting and top with toasted coconut. Pair your dessert with tropical fruit smoothies topped with cocktail umbrellas, and consider requesting Hawaiian shirts as your birthday party dress code.

5. Butterfly Cake


Cake Whiz

May flowers may bring the Pilgrims, but they also welcome a host of colorful butterflies to delight your garden. Capture the essence of spring with a butterfly cake for your birthday. CakeWhiz creates a smiling insect friend out of two halves of a round cake and fondant decorations. Choose your favorite spring-tastic cake flavor to go inside.

6. Strawberry Cake

Homemade-Fresh-Strawberry-Cake2 copy

Life Love and Sugar

Does the birthday kid LOVE pink? This strawberry cake from Life, Love, and Sugar is pink inside and out. Layers of strawberry sour cream cake alternate with strawberry cream cheese frosting for a rich berry flavor that is everything you love about spring.

7. Hedgehog Cake

hedgie cake

Little Peach Cakery | Nicola Parry

Hedgehog-themed birthday parties have yet to take over Instagram, but this lil critter from the Little Peach Cakery is so totes adorbs that you might start a trend. She rocks buttercream flowers instead of ouchy quills and has the sweetest little paws. If you can stand to eat her, you can make her cakey insides whichever flavor is your fave.

8. Banana Walnut Cake


The Modern Proper

It’s your birthday — you can act as nutty as you like! Especially if your birthday falls on May 17, National Walnut Day. Here are some crazy walnut facts: Walnuts are good for your brain and your heart, are packed with nutrients, and were eaten by ancient cultures dating back to the Persians in 7000 B.C. Combine them with potassium-rich, caramelized bananas for a banana walnut cake that is as good for you as it is yummy in your tummy.

9. Galaxy Cake


Sugar and Sparrow

May is the month to look to the sky. In addition to Star Wars Day, you can celebrate National Space Day (May 7th) and International Astronomy Day (May 15th). But the best day is the one that stars you and the anniversary of your birth. If your party is outer space-themed, consider this galaxy cake from Sugar and Sparrow that looks and tastes out of this world.

10. Devil’s Food Cake


Grandbaby Cakes

For many, a birthday isn’t a birthday without rich, fudgy, sinful chocolate cake. If that’s you, then this May, whip up a devil’s food cake for your party. This one, from Grandbaby Cakes, uses coffee to brighten the chocolate flavor and sour cream to add richness. It’s slathered in a Swiss meringue buttercream, but you can artfully top it with berries for a splash of color. You hereby have permission to go for a second slice.