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These Mealtime Helpers Get Kids Excited to Eat Veggies (Or Whatever You’re Making for Dinner)

You’re not leaving this table until you play with your food!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Fun Plates and Mealtime Helpers

Getting kids excited to eat their veggies can be a challenge. Even if they're not picky eaters, that helping of green stuff is probably the last thing left on their plate every single time. Make mealtime more fun and encourage your little ones to dig into their veggies by switching out boring plates and utensils for something way more exciting. With all these exciting mealtime tricks, they might only want vegetables from now on! 

Fred The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board

If your little one refuses to eat their veggies because they're shaped weirdly, or they look funny, the Obsessive Chef Cutting Board is about to become your best friend. The cutting board basically works like a giant ruler, meaning all of your cuts will be pristine and very exact. Perfect slices still not cutting it? Use the board to make precision cuts with ease, and shape into letters or pictures to get your little one excited to veg out. 

W&P Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Do you know a young Padawan who avoids vegetables like the Dark Side? You can’t force them to eat — but you can make their dinner look outta this world with these Star Wars cookie cutters. Use them on dinner foods just like you would with cookie dough, and cut Yoda out of veggie patties, or make a plate of veggie nuggets look like Darth Vader. If they're still not into it, just let them know that eating veggies is part of the path of a true Jedi. 

Constructive Eating Construction Plate

Hard hats are now required at the dinner table, thanks to this plate that doubles as a construction site. As the foreman of this site, kids learn how to use utensils — like pushing food onto their fork or spoon — in a playful way. The different construction zones are even portioned off to avoid any foods touching. 

Funwares TACOsaurus Rex Taco Holder

Move over T-rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops! There's a new dino in town! Meet the TACOsaurus Rex, the one animal that's allowed at the dinner table. This innovative dino knows how to make any meal better, simply by serving all of the food on its back. While its main specialty is tacos, this prehistoric plate alternative can switch it up and serve waffles, sandwiches, bagels, or pretty much anything that will fit on its back. 

Fred Dinner Winner Pirate Plate

Sometimes meals with littles ones can feel like a game where no one wins. Switch it up into a game where everyone’s a winner with the Dinner Winner Pirate Plate! The board game setup helps turn mealtime into playtime. Sail off into the seas and see if your little one can find the buried treasure. The catch? To uncover the next move, they must eat the food covering the next clue to continue!

Mindware Playful Chef: Safety Knife Set

Want your kids to get excited about what's going on their plate? Let them get involved in the kitchen with their own personal set of knives. I know what you're thinking: kids and knives? And you’re right, that’s not typically the best combo, but that's where this safety knife set comes into play. The set is specifically designed for kids; the serrated plastic blade saws through fruits and veggies with ease, but is totally safe for small fingers. They’re also lightweight with a comfort grip that won't slip out of your hand during use. Start off with something on the softer side to get a feel for how they work, and slowly move on to chopping and dicing. You'll have a proper sous chef in the kitchen helping you out before you know it. 

New Favorites For New Cooks

Sure, you could serve your little one pasta every single night, or you could let them in on the menu process with The New Favorites For New Cooks. The kid-friendly cookbook is the perfect place to look for recipes that your kids will actually want to eat. The cookbook features 50 recipes that cover all the basics, from breakfast to dessert. Each completed recipe is pictured, so your little ones will be able to see what the meal looks like before picking it out.

Fred Food Face Plate

Playing with your food at the table is usually discouraged, but when the Food Face Plate is around, it is highly encouraged! The Food Face Plate is all about kids using their creativity to dress up the face on their plate. Perhaps some mashed sweet potato hair, a broccoli beard, and carrot eyebrows. When they’re ready for a fresh new look, they eat what's on their plate and start from scratch!