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Easy Breakfast in Bed Recipes to Serve Mom on Mother's Day

Good news: If Mom doesn't want crumbs in bed, these recipes are delicious no matter where you serve them!

Margo Gothelf · 7 months ago

easy mother's day breakfast in bed recipes for kids


It doesn't get more classic than celebrating mom with breakfast in bed on Mother's Day. Let her sleep in, and grab the kids to make a mouthwatering creation to start the celebration. Don't worry if you're not so great in the kitchen. These recipes are meant to be simple, quick, and easy enough for all of the kids to get involved. Check out the list below to plan for the perfect Mother's Day feast. 

Blueberry Scones with Vanilla Glaze


The Novice Chef

Don’t let a lack of baking skills hold you back from making freshly baked scones. As long as you have a hand mixer or stand mixer, you can easily make a batch of these flaky pastries for mom on Mother’s Day. This recipe from The Novice Chef loads the scones with blueberries, but if mom’s not a big blueberry fan, throw in some dried cherries or chocolate chips instead. Just make sure to bring some extra napkins when serving these pastries, as they are pretty flaky.

Avocado Toast


Cookie and Kate

Looking for a recipe the whole family can help out with on Mother’s Day? Go with some avocado toast. As long as you use ripe avocados and a crusty bread loaf, it's practically foolproof. This is also a great dish for your littlest ones to help out with — just place the avocado in a bowl and let them mash it up with a fork. If you want to make the dish a little fancier, top it with an egg, sea salt, or even a drizzle of olive oil. See even more ideas over on Cookie and Kate.

Fruit Kebabs


Healthy Little Foodies

Eating breakfast in bed is bound to be a little messy. Keep the mess to a minimum with these fruit kebabs. The kebabs keep everything on a stick, allowing mom to stay super cozy as she digs in. Not only are these easy to eat in bed, but they are also super simple to put together. Let the kids take charge of this one by picking the fruit and assembling the pieces on the stick. They can even get a little creative and use cookie cutters on the melons to make exciting shapes or throw marshmallows in between the fruit for a sweet surprise.

Oatmeal Cups with Yogurt and Fruit


The Rustic Foodie

Make everything — including the serving dishes — edible this Mother’s Day with these little oatmeal cups. The cups are basically like little granola bars, but instead of being flat, they are molded in cupcake tins to form tiny bowls. Fill the edible bowl up with yogurt or fruit and serve it to mom for a healthy, satisfying breakfast. 

Chia Yogurt Breakfast Bowl


A Zesty Bite

Breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be complicated. No matter what you bring mom, she’ll be happy to eat it — especially if it's this chia yogurt breakfast bowl. The yogurt bowl keeps everything simple and allows everyone to get involved in the kitchen. The bowl doesn’t require a whole lot of prep work, so focus on the presentation and make sure it is Instagram-worthy!

Cinnamon French Toast Bites


Recipe Tin Eats

Want a recipe for mom that is not only easy to make but also easy to eat in bed? Look no further than these cinnamon French toast bites from Recipe Tin Eats. These little bites have everything you love about French toast — just in bite-sized pieces. To make the little bites of goodness, cut up a loaf of crusty bread into small chunks and toss them into an egg mixture. Then let them sauté in a pan and toss them in cinnamon and sugar while they are still hot. If you have an older kid who is a budding chef, let them take control of this one while their little siblings play sous chefs.

Pancake Board


Tater Tots and Jello

You’ve heard of charcuterie boards (or perhaps "sharkoochie" boards) filled with meats and cheese, but have you ever heard of a pancake board? Make one for mom this Mother’s Day and give her a whole breakfast buffet right in bed. The key to this board is making sure you have a big serving tray and lots of little bowls and dishes to keep everything secure — especially while eating in bed. Once you’ve got the hardware set, make a bunch of mini pancakes and fill up the dishes with whatever toppings mom would like. You might want to bring an extra stack of napkins along for this one.

Egg in a Hole


Champagne Tastes

Eggs aren’t the best to eat in bed — especially if mom likes them a little runny. Luckily, this egg in a hole — a.k.a. "toad in a basket" or "egg in a basket" — keeps everything nice and secure. This classic breakfast item will also get everyone involved in the kitchen when prepping the ingredients. Set up a station and use a cookie cutter to make a perfect circle in the bread, then let dad be the head chef and take over the eggs. Definitely make a double recipe — mom is going to want to have seconds. 

Mini Frittata Muffins

The Recipe Rebel

Surprise mom this Mother’s Day and let her enjoy a variety of mini frittatas from bed. The Recipe Rebel uses a mix of cream cheese, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach to flavor the mini frittatas but feel free to channel your inner chef and add in whatever topping you think mom would enjoy. Because the base mixture is the same, get creative with ingredients like onions, broccoli, or even some bacon. Let each kid take a section in the muffin tin to make their creation for mom, and let mom indulge in the frittatas — it is her day, after all! 

Ricotta Toast with Three Jams


Inspired by Charm

Don’t be that family on Mother’s Day that serves mom some plain toast with butter. Instead, give her a slice of toast but make it fancy  — and photo-worthy — with a few simple ingredients. To give the toast a remake, use ricotta cheese and any kind of jam that mom likes. Give the ricotta a spin in the mixer to make it extra fluffy and creamy, and then top with jam. Want to make it picture perfect? Use jams that fade into each other — like blackberry, strawberry, and peach — to make an ombre effect on top of the toast, just like this recipe from Inspired by Charm. 

Crepes with Homemade Fillings


House of Nash Eats

Crepes are one of those brunch foods that seem a little intimidating to make at home. But they are surprisingly easy and super impressive to serve to mom on Mother’s Day. This year, up the ante and let the whole family get in on the crepe action. Turn your kids into sous chefs and let them help with all the pouring, blending, chopping, and flipping. Once you’ve got a bunch of crepes, fill them up with both sweet and savory options. Not sure where to start? House of Nash Eats has a bunch of filling suggestions over on their site.