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6 New Nuggets That Are Coming For Your Kids’ Chicken Fingers

Because everything tastes better in nugget form, including spinach.

Megan Baldwin and Sarah Burns

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Odds are if it’s a nugget, your kid’s gonna eat it. Odds are if you’re a parent, you’re not super jazzed about your kid subsisting on a diet of fried chicken (?) parts. Enter the neo-nugget: start-up-backed, well-branded, better for the world competitors to fast food nugget monopoly. Ahead, six nugget and nugget-ish options that you won’t feel weird about feeding your kiddos.

1. Flock Foods Chicken Chips

Flock Foods

Flock Foods

Best For Snacking: These perfect-for-lunchboxes chicken chips are made from 100% Real Premium Chicken Skins and fall somewhere between jerky and a nugget. Bonus: Keto parents can polish off the leftovers.

2. Nuggs



Best Direct To Consumer Play: The folks at tech-food startup Simulate replaced the chicken OS with soy and wheat proteins, creating a tender, juicy, battered to perfection nugget that’s delivered directly to your door.

3. Raised and Rooted Plant-Based Nuggets

RR CrispyNuggets 3

Raised and Rooted

Best Grocery Option: Leave it to the people behind Tyson’s OG frozen nuggets to transform pea protein into a savory, salty, and fast-food-y nugget alternative that you can find in a grocery store.

4. Daring Original Breaded Pieces


Daring Original

Best Tender: If your kid prefers tenders to nuggets, Daring’s plant-based breaded chicken looks, cooks, and tastes just like the animal-based counterpart. Extra credit for the fully recyclable packaging.

5. Happy Fish Salmon Patties

Happy Fish

Happy Fish

Meatiest Nugget: These responsibly raised, fish-shaped salmon nuggets look real cute and are free of antibiotics, hormones, fillers, or preservatives.

6. Strong Roots Spinach Bites

Strong Roots

Strong Roots

Best Trojan Horse Nugget: Your kid is going to know this is a vegetable, but there’s a possibility they won’t care because of the crispy carrot crumb. Slather on ketchup and you might manage to get a full serving of spinach down.