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10 Fall-Tastic Birthday Cake Ideas for Your October Birthday

All cakes are great, but fall cakes are even better!!

Erica Silverstein · 4 months ago


October birthday kids get twice the treats with that Halloween finale to their birthday festivities. Theme your birthday cake for the season with a caramel apple flavor profile, confections drenched in candy, or (if you’re a fan) a candy corn vibe! Whether you celebrate with scarecrows or go loco for tacos, here are 10 sweet birthday cake ideas for your October birthday.

Salted Caramel Apple Cake


Credit: Sugar and Sparrow

Celebrate your birthday with the ultimate October cake — a fall-themed salted caramel apple cake with an honest-to-goodness candied apple on top. The apple spice cake layers have the heady scent of your favorite fall spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, and the salted caramel buttercream and caramel drizzle will give you that seasonal sugar rush you’ve been craving. An apple a day will keep the doctor away, but this caramel apple topper may call all the dentists to your yard.

Scarecrow Cake


Credit: I Scream for Buttercream

Fans of fall festivals with hayrides and corn mazes can take the harvest theme to their birthday fete with this adorable scarecrow cake. He’s got a happy smile because he knows that if he only had a brain, his head wouldn’t be filled with your favorite flavor of cake. Just don’t expect him to scare the crows or other cake-eaters away — he’s far too cute.

Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes


Credit: Brown Eyed Baker

October 18 is National Chocolate Cupcake Day, so mini cakes are a fitting treat for October birthday kids. We’re sure every baker claims to have the best chocolate cupcake recipe, but if Grandma isn’t willing to share hers, try this recipe for moist chocolate cake filled with chocolate ganache and topped with chocolate frosting and rainbow nonpareils. Bake extra because we betcha that your friends will be asking for seconds.

Snake Cake


Credit: @cre8acake

Do you go ga-ga for geckos, silly for snakes, and crazy for crocodiles? You’ll be pleased to know that National Reptile Day falls during your birth month (October 21 to be exact). Revel in reptilian delight with a realistic-looking snake cake. Don’t imitate your slithery pets with this one, though — we recommend you chew your slice rather than swallowing it whole.

Fluffernutter Cake


Credit: Cake by Courtney

Lunchtime is party time when you open up your lunchbox to find a fluffernutter sandwich inside. This decadent combination of marshmallow cream and peanut butter, sometimes accessorized with sliced bananas, is so delicious it should really be dessert. Turn it into one with a fluffernutter birthday cake! Vanilla cake, banana cream and toasted marshmallow fillings, and peanut butter frosting take your favorite sandwich flavors and turn the sweetness up another notch. Enjoy this treat on your birthday or on October 8, National Fluffernutter Day.

Taco Cake


Credit: Chelsweets

You can never go wrong with tacos as your birthday dinner, especially if your special day falls on October 4, National Taco Day. Keep the fiesta going after the main course with a taco-shaped cake. This clever design turns half a layer cake on its head to make the iconic taco shape and uses crushed Oreos mixed with frosting as a sweet take on ground beef, flaked coconut for shredded cheese, and frosting and fondant for lettuce and tomatoes. (Or, follow these instructions to make homemade choco tacos for another tortilla-inspired sweet.)

M&M Surprise Cake

There’s more than one way to throw a surprise party. You can hide in the living room and shout “Boo!” when the birthday kid walks in, plan an unexpected activity or guest star for the party, or bake a cake with treats hidden inside. For National M&M Day (October 13), try this candy-coated birthday cake. It looks like a typical layer cake, but when you slice into it, handfuls of M&Ms come spilling out. Now that’s the kind of surprise we all want on our birthday!

Sloth Cake


Credit: Chelsweets

Step aside smiley llamas and mystical alicorns. Sloths are ranking number one on the totes-adorbs animals list these days. Give your birthday a hefty heaping of cuteness with this heart-melting sloth cake. (Guess what? International Sloth Day is October 20.) Just don’t try to give her a cuddle because you’ll end up covered in chocolate-peanut butter frosting. Hmm, maybe that’s not a bad thing, after all ...

Cinnamon Roll Cake


Credit: Liv for Cake

Fun fact: October 4 was declared National Cinnamon Roll day not by Cinnabon but by Sweden’s Home Baking Council. Apparently, Swedes love kanelbulle, their version of the spice-sweetened yeasted dough rolls. If you think breakfast is the best kind of dessert, a cinnamon roll birthday cake will make your birthday king of the October birthdays. Two layers of cinnamon swirl cake sandwich a layer of mini cinnamon rolls, then the whole concoction gets dunked in cream cheese frosting and cinnamon-sugar glaze. Savor that ooey-gooey bliss.

Candy Corn Cake


Credit: Caputo's Cakes

Candy corn lovers have even more reason to adore their October birth month. It’s the month when the brightly colored candies overflow the shelves of supermarkets everywhere. Go all in on your sugar obsession with a yellow, white, and orange striped birthday cake decorated with autumnal rosettes and a sprinkling of candy corns. No tricks here — just all the treats.